Where To Buy Pork Jowl Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Pork jowl is no longer strange to Americans, especially those from the Southern United States.

However, do you really know how to choose the best pork jowl and where you can find them? Let’s check it out in the article below.

What is pork jowl?

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Pork jowl or also known as pork cheek is the cut of meat in the cheeks of a pig.

It is usually compared to streaky bacon because pork jowl is also mainly used as a cured pork product.

The most common use of pork jowl is the fried or smoked form to enjoy with green beans or peas in the main course.

On the other hand, cooked pork jowl bacon can be used to garnish the dish or as the stuffing of a sandwich.

How many calories are in pork jowl?

Pork jowl is relatively high in calories.

100 grams of pork jowl will contain about 655 calories and the other components are as below:

  • Total fat: 70 g
  • Sodium: 25 mg
  • Potassium: 148 mg
  • Protein: 6 g
  • Cholesterol: 90 mg

With this nutrient fact, it seems that pork jowl bacon shouldn’t be treated as an everyday food.

How to choose the best pork jowl?

Pork jowl might be underrated and forgotten, but the meat from this part is very flavorful and much cheaper than other back cuts.

The following features will help you choose the best pork jowl.


The color of the meat will tell you about the quality of that meat.

Similar to other meat cuts or hog meat in general, pork jowl should be pink to red.

You better stay away from the pale meat with unusual gray or brown spots on the surface because that might the sign of old meat or from a sick pig.


The pork cheek should be firm in texture.

However, when being cooked, the meat from this part is likely to be tender.

Therefore, when choosing raw pork jowl, you should opt for the one that is firm to touch and isn’t soggy.

Where to buy pork jowl?

Buying pork jowl isn’t a trick if you know where the reliable suppliers are.

They will provide you with the best pork jowl and help you reduce the selecting time.

Local butcher

The easiest-to-find place in which the freshest meat is sold is the butchery.

Pigs are slaughtered here so its meat will be of the best quality.


You can also opt for the cool or frozen pork jowl that being sold in the supermarket.

It can be easily found in the meat selection in any supermarket like Walmart, or Costco.

If you expect to store the pork jowl for the later meal, you can buy the frozen one.

The fresher pork jowl is meant to have a shorter lifespan and you better cook it right after bringing it home to reach the best quality.


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Are you expecting to buy pork jowl without leaving your house? Ordering from online websites is definitely an idea.

However, big e-commerce companies like Amazon or eBay are likely to only sell the processed pork jowl, such as smoked or fried products.

The fresh pork jowl can still be found online, but mostly from the grocery that also provides online shopping platforms.

Final words

After reading this post, keep in mind that pork jowl is a delicious meat cut that shouldn’t be overlooked.

You can create several outstanding dishes from pork jowl as long as you have good ingredients on hand.

We hope the aforementioned tips and the recommended places will help you purchase the best perfect pork jowl on the market.