The Ultimate Showdown Between Chicken Souvlaki Vs Chicken Gyro

chicken souvlaki vs chicken gyro

Do you love chicken but have a hard time deciding between chicken souvlaki and chicken gyro?

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In this article, we will break down the difference in the ingredients as well as cooking techniques to make chicken souvlaki and chicken gyro so that you can choose which dish is best for your taste buds.

What is chicken souvlaki?

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Chicken souvlaki is a Greek dish consisting of grilled pieces of chicken on a skewer with vegetables or cheese wrapped in pita bread along with tzatziki sauce on the side for dipping.

Chicken souvlaki can be made from either white meat chicken breast or chicken thighs, but any cut of other meat like pork, lamb, or beef can be substituted as long as it has been pounded thin enough so that it cooks quickly on the grill.

The meat is traditionally marinated with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and oregano before being grilled.

These spices and ingredients are all staples in Greek cuisine in particular and in Mediterranean cuisine in general.

You can also find chicken souvlaki or other variants like pork and beef souvlaki in other countries in the Mediterranean alike.

Common vegetables that are served in the kebab chicken souvlaki are tomatoes, onions, peppers, and mushrooms, which are loaded with many vitamins and minerals as well as add texture and vibrant presentation to the dish.

What is chicken gyro?

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Chicken gyro is another popular fast food that originated in Greek cuisine.

Basically, it is served the same way as chicken souvlaki, being wrapped in pita bread with other vegetables like tomato, lettuce, onion, or bell pepper.

However, instead of chunks of chicken that are skewered and grilled, the chicken gyro is thin slices of chicken that are cut from a vertical rotisserie-style roasted chicken.

Therefore, this dish can be commonly found on the streets of Greece as a delicious and healthy fast-food option rather than being made at home.

Other variants like pork and beef gyro seem to be more popular because they will make use of a big cut of beef or pork so that the meat is juicier.

What are the differences between chicken gyro vs chicken souvlaki?

Chicken souvlaki and chicken gyro are two popular fast-food dishes in Greece.

There are some differences between these two dishes that you should take a look at so that you can order the right one when dining out.

 ComparisonChicken gyroChicken souvlaki
Cooking methodThe whole chicken is roasted in a vertical rotisserie ovenChicken is cut into chunks, skewered, and grilled on a regular grill
TextureThinner and juicierThicker and can be dry
PopularityMostly found on the streets or restaurants rather than being made at homeCan be easily made at home as well as found on the Greek streets and in restaurants

Main ingredient

Chicken souvlaki is made from chunks of boneless chicken, while a chicken gyro is made from strips of char-grilled meat that are shaved off the spit and served in pita bread with salad and sauces.

Chicken souvlaki versus chicken gyro? The main ingredient isn’t that different! They both use chicken!

So what’s the difference? The chicken souvlaki is made with chunks of boneless chicken breast or thigh, while a chicken gyro is made from strips of char-grilled meat that are shaved off the spit and served in pita bread with salad and sauces.


When you bite into a chicken souvlaki, you will notice that it is made of shredded chicken.

This is because the meat has been diced into small pieces and then placed on skewers to cook.

Once the meat is cooked, it will be pulled from the skewer and placed inside pita bread with vegetables such as onions and tomatoes.

The chicken gyro also uses shredded chicken in its recipe but this time it is not cooked before being added to pita bread along with vegetables such as lettuce and tomato slices.

The chicken gyro is one of the most popular items on the menu at Greek restaurants, and you will find it on most menus.

If you are looking for something that is quick and delicious, then this is the dish for you.

The meat used in this recipe is usually cooked on a flat top grill with onions and tomatoes before being placed inside pita bread along with lettuce leaves.

Flavor and taste

When it comes to flavor and taste, the chicken gyro is definitely more flavorful than the souvlaki.

It’s also juicier, but that depends on whether you like your meat dry or tender.

The difference in price between the two will depend on where you’re buying your chicken souvlaki or chicken gyro as well as what kind of toppings/sauce they have available.

A typical gyro can cost anywhere from $7-$12 while a typical souvlaki might cost somewhere between $5-$8 depending on where you go.

This means that both items are usually around the same price point when comparing them side by side; however, if we’re talking about which one tastes better then I think most people would agree that chicken souvlaki wins hands down! Not only does it taste better but it’s healthier too since there aren’t any carbs involved like with falafels or pita breads which means less chance at getting those dreaded diet belly fat issues later down the line (or even during).

Cooking method

For starters, chicken souvlaki (pronounced “soo-vla-kee”) is grilled on a skewer.

Chicken gyro (pronounced “gee-roh”) is cooked on a vertical rotisserie in the style of shawarma.

The latter dish is usually served in pita bread and topped with tzatziki sauce, tomato slices, red onions, and sometimes French fries as well.

While both dishes are pretty similar to one another in terms of ingredients — feta cheese is sometimes used instead of yogurt for the gyro — it’s tough to say which one tastes better because they’re so different from each other when it comes down to cooking methods!

The difference is in how the chicken is prepared.

In souvlaki, it’s typically grilled and served on a skewer.

In gyro, it’s sliced off a rotating spit and served in pita bread with tzatziki sauce.

So if you like chicken cooked in different ways, both of these sandwiches are great options!


The differences between chicken souvlaki and chicken gyro don’t end there.

There are some other key things to know about their respective serving options.

Chicken souvlaki is served with pita bread, while chicken gyro comes with pita bread and lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce (a cucumber-based sauce).

If you choose a side for your order of either dish you can expect fries or rice.

This difference also leads to another key difference between chicken souvlaki and chicken gyro: price.

Chicken souvlaki is generally a bit less expensive than chicken gyro, with some restaurants offering it at $5 or less while others charge nearly twice that amount.


Chicken souvlaki is the most popular of these two dishes.

You’ll find it in almost every country in the world, especially in Europe and Australia.

In America, however, chicken gyro is more popular—but only by a small margin.

While the popularity of chicken souvlaki vs chicken gyro may change from place to place and from time to time, it’s clear that both foods are beloved by many people around the world.

So, the real question is: which one is better? And the answer isn’t so simple.

It depends on what you’re looking for in a meal.

What are the similarities between chicken gyro vs chicken souvlaki?

Besides the key differences that are mentioned in the above comparison table, chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are similar in some ways as well:

1. Chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are two popular Greek fast-food dishes

Both dishes are popular dishes in Greek cuisine.

They feature some Greek staples, from the chicken meat to the marinade like olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, and the grilling cooking method.

They are some of the must-try dishes if you have a chance to visit Greece or any other country in the Mediterranean.

2. Chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are served the same way

Another thing in common between the two dishes is that they are served the same way.

Chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are typically served as an ingredient in Greek kebabs rather than being consumed alone as the main course.

Chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are wrapped inside a pita bread with other ingredients like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, and any kind of sauce like tomato-cucumber relish, Greek yogurt dressing, or tzatziki sauce.

3. Chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are healthy and delicious

Mediterranean food or Greek food is reputed for being one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Chicken gyro and chicken souvlaki are no exception.

They are made by roasting or grilling, which doesn’t add any fat to the meat.

The ingredients that are served with chicken gyro or souvlaki are healthy too, with a lot of fresh vegetables and Greek yogurt without being bland.

In fact, these Greek staples taste very flavorful.

Which one is better?

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Chicken souvlaki and chicken gyro are two different Greek dishes that typically come with a lot of similarities.

You also need to take into account what you like about each dish so that you can pick your favorite.

For example, if you prefer savory flavors over sweet ones then go ahead and choose chicken souvlaki because this Greek specialty has more lemon juice than its counterpart.

However, if sweet tastes are what excite your taste buds then opt for the classic dish, chicken gyro! Either way, we know that both will be delicious.