About Emily Wong

Emily Wong is an Asian-American food writer the founder of Cookindocs.com. With nearly 8 years of experience, she has a passion for making cooking accessible to everyone and sharing her personal experiences with food. Emily's vision for Cookindocs.com is to create a community of food lovers who are passionate about...

Hi, I’m Emily Wong, the founder of Cookindocs. As an Asian-American woman with two children, I have always been passionate about food, cooking, and writing. I have been freelancing as a food writer for the past eight years, and now I’m thrilled to run this blog independently.

About Emily Wong

My love for food started when I was a child. My mother and grandmother were excellent cooks, and I grew up watching them in the kitchen, learning their techniques, and tasting their delicious creations. As I grew older, I began to experiment with cooking on my own, and I discovered that I had a natural talent for it.

After graduating from college, I decided to pursue my passion for food and writing. I started freelancing as a food writer and quickly discovered that I loved the challenge of writing about food in an informative and entertaining way. Over the years, I have written for various publications, from food blogs to lifestyle magazines.

As my freelance career took off, I began to dream of starting my own blog, where I could share my love of food and cooking with others. That’s how Cookindocs.com was born. My vision for this blog is to create a community of food lovers passionate about cooking, eating, and sharing their experiences with others.

At Cookindocs.com, you’ll find various recipes, cooking tips, and food-related articles. I write about everything from quick and easy weeknight dinners to elaborate holiday feasts. I also share my personal experiences along the way, from my favorite kitchen gadgets to my most memorable food-related travel experiences.

One of my core values is to make cooking accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a complete beginner, anyone can learn to cook delicious, healthy meals with a little guidance and practice. That’s why I ensure all of my recipes are easy to follow and include step-by-step instructions.

Running Cookindocs.com has been an incredible journey so far, and I’m excited to see where it will take me next. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my love of food and cooking with others, and I hope you’ll join me on this delicious adventure!

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