The 6 Best Vegan Chicken Stock Substitutes

vegan chicken stock substitute

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Do you enjoy the taste of chicken stock, but want a healthier option for your diet?

This post will recommend some vegan chicken stock substitutes.

If you are looking for a vegan substitute for your favorite chicken soup recipe, this blog post is just what you need!

What is vegan chicken stock?

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Why does vegan chicken stock exist? You may be wondering.

Vegan chicken stock is a substitute for the traditional kind made with meat, which means it’s free of animal ingredients like animal fat and collagen.

This type of broth can also be made on its own or in combination with vegetable-based stocks to create flavorful dishes that are perfect for any kitchen! 

Many people who choose to follow a vegan diet find themselves missing the taste and texture of rich sauces and gravies they enjoyed before making the switch from omnivore to plant-based eater.

For those folks, the vegan chicken stock offers an excellent option because it doesn’t contain any animal products at all! Plus, these types of stocks typically have a lighter flavor than their meaty counterparts.

Can you substitute vegan chicken stock in the cooking recipe?

You may be wondering if you can substitute vegan chicken stock in cooking recipes that call for regular chicken stock.

Yes, it is possible to use this type of product as a replacement.

You can find vegan stocks in your local grocery store or on the Internet.

However, before using any recipe with vegan substitutes, make sure to read through the ingredients list and follow directions closely so that you don’t miss out on necessary nutritional requirements.

What can you substitute for the vegan chicken stock?

For many vegan dishes, the substitution of chicken stock for vegetable broth is a no-brainer.

But what can you substitute for the vegan chicken stock?

This blog post will provide some alternatives to use in your dish! 

1. Vegetable broth

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You may be surprised to learn that you can substitute vegetable broth for vegan chicken stock.

 It has a rich and flavorful taste that also helps maintain the veggies’ nutritional value, making it even better than its original counterpart!

2. Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables make for a great substitute in the kitchen.

Not only do they taste better than their boiled counterparts, but these roasted veggies also pack more of a nutritional punch as well!

3. Vegetarian stock cubes

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Some people avoid meat because it’s a source of cholesterol and hormones.

These vegans can use vegetarian stock cubes in place for vegan chicken ones, but they might need to experiment with different brands since not all are comparable!

4. Mushrooms and tomato sauce

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Mushrooms and tomato sauce make a great substitute for vegan chicken stock.

They lend depth to soups, rice dishes, and stews – even if you’re not hosting at home!

5. Tofu cubes and soy sauce (extra salt may be needed)

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Tofu cubes and soy sauce can be used to make the perfect vegan chicken stock substitute.

Just cube up some firm, extra-firm or silken tofu before adding it with just enough liquid for cooking in your Instant Pot.

6. Vegetable bouillon cubes

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Vegetable bouillon cubes make a great substitute for vegan chicken stock.

These are vegetable-based and can be found in most supermarkets, though they may not all have the same taste or consistency as real meat broth so you’ll want to try using more than one kind before settling on your favorite type.


There are plenty of vegan chicken stock substitutes that you can use in your favorite recipes without missing out on any flavor or nutrients.

We hope this blog post has helped you find the perfect product for your needs.