Where To Buy Pasture Raised Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

There are many benefits to eating natural meats, that’s why pasture-raised chicken has become more popular on the market recently.

In this article, you will learn more about this kind of chicken and some tips to find the best pasture-raised chicken before knowing where to buy it.

What is pasture-raised chicken?

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Pasture-raised chickens are the birds that are raised outside on green pastureland and their main food sources are seeds, insects, and earthworms found in the field.

Pasture-raised chicken can also be a term used to refer to the meat of the pasture-raised birds.

Generally, pasture-raised chickens are similar to free-range chickens because they are raised outside the cages and have access to the outdoors, under the sunlight.

However, free-range chicken is regulated by the USDA, while pasture-raised chicken meat is not, but rather than the pasture-raised chicken eggs.

This style of farming produces chickens with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamin E and beta carotene, as well as a better ratio of Omega 6 to 3 fatty acids – all good for you.

How many calories are in pasture-raised chicken?

Pasture-raised chicken is generally lower in calories because the birds are more active and have more space to live so they have less fat content.

The number of calories in pasture-raised chicken also varies between different parts of the chicken, such as chicken breasts, chicken wings, or chicken thighs.

On average, a serving size of pasture-raised chicken will be about four ounces (112 grams) which will provide us with 240 calories with an almost equal amount of calories from fat and protein.

Pasture-raised chicken is also a rich source of nutritional benefits like vitamin E, vitamin D, B-vitamins, and phosphorus.

How to choose the best pasture-raised chicken?

Pasture-raised chicken is a sought-after kind of meat on the market.

Many people are on the hunt for real pasture-raised chicken because they find it tastes better and more nutritious.

The following tips will assure that you will always have the best pasture-raised chicken available in your kitchen every time you shop for this ingredient.

1.   Buy pasture-raised chicken from a reliable supplier

The most important thing to make sure that you can buy real pasture-raised chicken is looking for it from a reputable store.

You can ask for information about some reliable places that sell pasture-raised chicken from other consumers or do some research on the Internet.

When knowing a place that provides genuine pasture-raised chicken, choosing the best cut or entire chicken will be much easier.

2.   Consider breed and favorite cut

Any chicken, as long as being raised cage-free on the pasture, can be called pasture-raised chicken.

Therefore, there will be plenty of breeds of chicken for you to choose from.

Some are better for milk production, while others have top-quality meat, equivalent to a high price.

You should research for some information about different breeds of hens then determine which one you want to opt for.

Moreover, pasture-raised chicken also comes in a variety of cuts, like wings, breasts, thighs, or the entire chicken.

You should buy the cut that your recipe calls for.

3.   Buy pasture-raised in bulk to get a better price

Pasture-raised chicken is packaged with a better taste and many potential health benefits, no wonder why it will cost you more than conventionally raised chicken.

One tip to get a more reasonable price is to buy it in bulk.

Moreover, it’s not always that you can find the pasture-raised chicken in your nearby store, so it is also a great idea to buy this meat cut more than your family consumption ability and store some in a freezer for later use.

Where to buy pasture-raised chicken?

If you have no idea where to buy pasture-raised chicken, this section will help.

Below, we will list out some of the typical places that offer pasture-raised chicken in the United States:

1.   Farmers’ market or local butcher

The best place to look for pasture-raised chicken is at a farmers’ market or local butcher shop.

Buying pasture-raised chicken from these places will not only get a better price but is also a way to support local businesses.

2.   Natural store or supermarket

If you cannot find pasture-raised chicken at a local butcher shop or farmers’ market just because of the high demand for this ingredient and you were too late.

Then you can shop for pasture-raised chicken in a natural store or large-chain supermarkets like Walmart or Whole Foods.

3.   Online

Mary's Chicken, Chicken Whole Fryer Bagged Air Chilled Heirloom...

Only need to search for the keyword “pasture-raised chicken”, you will have numerous results about the online retailers that sell this ingredient on Amazon or eBay.

You can also make an online purchase of pasture-raised chicken on the websites of many large supermarkets across the country, but remember to choose the nearest seller to save the shipping fee.


Your health is worth the time and effort it takes to find pasture-raised chicken.

And now that you know of some tips for finding the best pasture-raised chicken, you should be able to start looking in your area.

The best place to purchase pasture-raised chicken is from a farmers’ market or a store that specializes in organic products.

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