Where To Buy Pork Lard Or Pork Fat Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Pork lard is a delicious ingredient that many people have never heard of.

Pork lard can be used for frying, baking, and as an all-purpose cooking oil.

If you’re looking for where to buy pork lard, then this post is for you.

We will teach you where to buy pork lard so you can make some delicious fried chicken!

What is pork lard (so called pork fat)?

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Pork lard is a type of animal fat that can be used for cooking.

It has been around since the 1800s and was mainly used as a replacement for butter, which was expensive at the time.

Today, it’s a popular ingredient in many types of cuisine including Mexican and Italian dishes.

Pork lard is made from rendered pork fat or bacon grease that is heated until it reaches a liquid state then cooled to make solid blocks of lard.

The longer it cooks, the more flavor it takes on so you might want to cook your pork lard for about an hour before using!

How much calorie is in pork lard?

Fatworks, Pasture Raised Leaf Lard, a.k.a. 'Baker's Lard', Artisanally...

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Pork lard is a type of fat that comes from the pig.

It has been used for cooking and baking since ancient times, but many people are not aware of how much calories there are in pork lard.

On average, one tablespoon of pork lard contains about 100 calories.

Just for comparison sake, this is more than bacon which contain about 95 calories per slice and less than butter which contains about 110 calories per tablespoon.

The number can vary depending on how it’s cooked – if you fry your pork with oil or use other cooking methods such as frying or roasting.

Because some fats will be absorbed by the food being served while others may remain in the pan to be reused again later (source).

How much lard from one pig?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the size and weight of the pig.

Lard is rendered pork fat, so it would depend on how much fat the pig had.

A good rule of thumb is that lard is about 40% fat, so a 200-pound pig would yield about 80 pounds of lard.

It would take about two pigs to render one gallon of lard.

How to choose the best rendered pork fat?

Pork lard is a popular ingredient in many recipes, but how do you know which kind to choose? This blog post will help guide your decision on the best pork lard.

1. The color

When cooking with pork fat, there are two things to consider: the color of the pig and bacon grease (or leaf lard) varies based on its type.

If you want a light colored pork fat, look for unbleached or white rendered pig fat; if you prefer a dark brown color go with bacon grease (or leaf lard).

2. The flavor

Unbleached bacon grease is a bit bland, but the flavor from cooking your food in it will be more than enough to make up for that.

It also has less saturated fat and cholesterol content as well!

3. When buying pork lard, make sure that the package says “leaf lard” or “back fat” – these are higher quality than other types of fats

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When looking for high-quality pig products, we recommend sticking to either “leaf” or “back.”

Leaf is found around the animal’s ribs.

This means it has less skin but more meat than bellies – perfect! Back comes right off their spine and provides almost pure muscle while being super firm.

Where can I buy pork lard or pork fat for cooking?

We know you have been wondering where to buy pork lard for a long time.

We here today to tell you that it is very easy to find and purchase.

1. Local butcher shops

Pork lard is the fat from pork that has been rendered, or boiled.

It’s perfect for cooking fried foods.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find many sources of fresh pig fat nowadays due to health concerns and regulations in place by governmental agencies like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

However, there are still butcher shops where you may purchase pork lard!

2. Grocery stores

The best place to find pork lard is in a grocery store.

Pork fat, also known as bacon grease or leaf lard, can be used for baking and frying and has been popular with chefs around the world for centuries.

3. Online (Amazon)

Fatworks, Pasture Raised Leaf Lard, a.k.a. 'Baker's Lard', Artisanally...

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Can’t find a good place to buy pork lard? Well, you’re in luck.

There’s an online marketplace that can have it delivered right to your doorsteps within two days of purchase!

It’ll be ready for frying up some crispy bacon or making homemade pastries like doughnuts and scones with the best ingredients possible: quality pig fat from our American-raised pigs.

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Pork lard is an ingredient that you might not have heard of, but it can be used in a myriad of ways.

We hope this post has helped to answer any questions you may have had about pork lard and how to buy it!

If you’re looking for where to buy the best quality pork lard, then this post will suggest some great places with high-quality products.

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