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Where To Buy Pork Jowl Bacon: We Have The Answers

As a housewife, most of us have at least once encountered a situation in which we don’t know what dish to serve our family.

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Don’t worry, you will feel thankful for this article because we are happy to introduce the pork jowl bacon, which can be loved by any member of your family, from your kids, husband, to your parents.

And if you are wondering what it is and where to buy pork jowl bacon, keep reading!

What is pork jowl bacon?

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Pork jowl bacon is a great substitute for traditional bacon.

It is made from the jowl cut from the cheeks of the pig, hence the name.

It has a perfect fat-to-lean ratio with a smoother texture that lingered on our tongues after eating, making it more preferred than the classic belly bacon.

Pork jowls are typically cut into strips and cured with sugar, salt, nitrates, and other spices, and then smoked.

It is considered a healthier alternative to traditional bacon because the fat content is much lower.

When cooked, this kind of bacon has an appealing chewiness and tastes more like ham than other types of bacon do.

How many calories are in pork jowl bacon?

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Pork jowl bacon will be ideal for those who are a big fan of bacon but don’t want to sacrifice their weight because of the high amount of calories that regular bacon provides.

There are about 100 calories per serving size of pork jowl bacon (15 grams), while they are about 150 to 160 calories when it comes to pork belly bacon.

You can eat about 0.5 oz – 1 oz per serving size, and the maximum calories you will get will be only about 186 calories, which is not a big deal, right?

98% of these calories are from fat and only 2% from protein.

So you definitely want to do some exercises after eating some slices of bacon.

Burning these 186 calories is equivalent to 28 minutes of cycling, 19 minutes of running, or 1.1 hours of cleaning.

How to choose the best pork jowl bacon?

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Many people just go to a supermarket or grocery store and grab a package of pork jowl bacon without giving it a good selection.

Remember that there are some key factors that need to be looked at to choose the best pork jowl bacon.

Here are the most typical criteria to consider when shopping for pork jowl bacon:

1.   Choose the pork jowl bacon that has a pinkish-red color

Unlike other kinds of pork dishes that turn white when being cooked, bacon will get a darker color because of the curing and smoking processes.

Therefore, when purchasing pork jowl bacon, look for the one with the beautiful pinkish-red color.

2.   Avoid the package of pork jowl bacon with liquid in it

Never buy the pork jowl bacon that is contained in a watery package.

If you notice there is some kind of liquid inside the bag, it might be because of the improper storage or cooking method, which can definitely affect the quality of the bacon.

Only buy the pork jowl bacon in a dry and clean package.

3.   Look for the cut with more marbling fat

Although pork jowl bacon is made from the pork jowl cut, the amount of fat and lean meat can vary depending on the pig.

The best pork jowl bacon should have an adequate amount of fat and meat, and the one with more marbling fat will taste richer and more flavorful.

4.   Taste test as many brands as possible to find the one that suits your taste buds best

There are many brands offering pork jowl bacon.

And even though they use the same cooking method, the taste of pork jowl bacon from different brands can vary due to a slight distinction in their recipes.

Therefore, if possible, you should test several brands to choose the best one that you will stick with in the long term.

Where to buy pork jowl bacon?

Pork jowl bacon is widely sold on the market, allowing you to buy this pork product with ease no matter where you live:

1.   Grocery stores or supermarkets

You can easily find pork jowl bacon in the deli section, next to other kinds of bacon, ham, or cheese.

There are many brands of pork jowl bacon for you to choose from these shelves so take a deeper look to choose the best one among a majority of products.

2.   Online

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Since bacon is cured and smoked, it has a longer shelf life than other fresh pork cuts.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the quality of pork jowl bacon when transporting it if you order this product online.

Feel free to pick some from many online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Wholes Food market, … and wait for them to deliver at your front door.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful in addressing your question about pork jowl bacon.

This amazing ingredient can be found in most convenience stores or supermarkets throughout the country.

And if you don’t have time to go shopping, ordering some packages of pork jowl bacon from Amazon or eBay isn’t a hassle at all.

Good luck with your choice!

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