4 Best Chicken For Curry: Is Dark Meat Chicken Better For Cooking Curry?

chicken for curry

If you are a fan of Indian food, you definitely love chicken curry.

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But is there a specific cut of chicken that works better in a curry recipe?

This post will give you tips and the best cuts of chicken for curry so that you can find more free time in cooking without any fuss.

How to choose chicken for curry?

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Cooking curry is not a hassle.

However, not all curry recipes are successful.

So here are our tips to choose chicken for curry so that you can end up with a mouth-watering Indian dish every time you make it:

1.    Buy fresh or air-chilled chicken 

Fresh or air-chilled chicken is always a better choice to make a dish that features chicken as the main character.

These kinds of chicken are more flavorful and have a firmer texture, while frozen chicken often comes with a watery and soaky texture.

If being stored improperly, it can even increase the chance of foodborne illnesses, or reduce the nutrient value of the chicken.

2.    Buy a whole chicken to save money and use specific cuts for curry

Although chicken curries call for cut-up chicken, you can buy a whole bird to have a better price per pound.

Use your favorite cut from the chicken (breast, thighs, or drumsticks) in your curry, and the rest can be used for other recipes like stewing, roasting, or deep-frying.

3.    Cut off the excess fat before cooking chicken in curry

In a curry recipe, your chicken will be simmered in some kinds of sauces until tender instead of cooking in dry heat.

Therefore, trimming off the excess fat will help make your dish less greasy.

4.    Dark meat chicken is more flavorful and affordable

In case you are following a special diet and want to lose some weight, chicken breast will be a good choice.

However, dark meat chicken like chicken thighs is generally better for curry because they add more flavor to your dish and are also more affordable.

Best chicken for curry

Chicken has a small size so there are not many options of chicken cuts for you to choose from.

In general, most cuts of chicken can be used interchangeably in different recipes, therefore, don’t be stressed when shopping for this meat ingredient if you are planning to make some chicken curry to serve this weekend.

Below are our suggestions of the best cuts of chicken for curry that you can refer to:

1.    Chicken breast

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Chicken breast is one of the most sought-after cuts of chicken that can be cooked in many ways.

In a curry recipe, you can opt for either boneless, skinless chicken breast or the bone-in, skin-on version, both are going to work well.

When cooking chicken breast with the skin on for curry, it is recommended to give it a nice sear so that the fat under the skin is partially rendered and makes your dish less greasy.

2.    Chicken thighs

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As already mentioned, chicken thighs will be a better choice if you prefer a more flavorful taste for your curry.

Chicken thighs are dark meat chicken that is considered less healthy due to the higher fat content.

Therefore, they also come at a lower price so that most people can afford them.

Chicken thighs also have a firmer texture, they take longer to cook so you better cut the chicken thighs into smaller chunks for a curry.

3.    Chicken drumsticks

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Another option for your chicken curry is chicken drumsticks.

This is the bottom cut from the legs of the chicken, below the chicken thighs.

Chicken drumsticks are meaty and only have a small bone running lengthwise the cut.

Therefore, you can even use bone-in chicken drumsticks in your curry without any fuss.

This cut also results in a flavorful dish with juicy and tender meat.

4.    Chicken wings

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Even chicken wings can be used amazingly in a curry recipe.

Just leave the whole wings intact or cut it into two parts for easier eating.

Chicken wings are also dark meat chicken with more fat and a flavorful taste.

However, since chicken wings are mainly made of the skin, you should give them a nice char on the outside to partially render the fat before tossing it in the curry sauce.

The bottom line

It is easy to understand why chicken is a staple in Indian cuisine.

This meat ingredient goes perfectly in a curry to create a delicious, nutritious, and hearty dish.

Either bone-in or boneless white meat and dark meat chicken can work without any fuss.

It all depends on your personal preference to choose a favorite cut of chicken for your next curry.

Good luck!