Where To Buy Chicken Tortellini Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

We all have those days in which we are too tired to go shopping or cook a meal.

That’s when processed foods come in as a lifesaver.

If you want to find out where to buy chicken tortellini, look no further than this blog post.

We will go over the definition, nutrient facts, and tips to choose the best packaged chicken tortellini before pointing out the places to buy this ingredient on the market.

What is chicken tortellini?

Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini, Refrigerated Pasta, 9 oz Package

Chicken tortellini is an Italian pasta dish that is stuffed with meat and cheese and then boiled in broth until it is cooked through.

Typically, tortellini is filled with minced veal or pork loin with Parmesan cheese.

However, you can find the chicken version that is made from grated cheese and ground chicken as the filling stuffed in traditional ring-shaped pasta.

The term “tortellini” means small, round pillow in the Italian language.

The dish is usually served in broth, but it can be tossed in tomato or mushroom sauce per preference.

Chicken tortellini can be served as an appetizer or used for the main course.

How many calories are in chicken tortellini?

Chicken tortellini is pretty high in calories, and the exact number of calories will depend on many factors, including the ingredients and the sauce or broth it is served in.

In general, a cup of chicken tortellini (115 grams) will provide us with 300 to 400 calories varying from brand to brand.

A complete dish of chicken tortellini, therefore, contains more calories than that.

How to choose the best chicken tortellini?

Store-bought chicken tortellini is perfect for a busy day because it can be done in minutes.

With the following tips, you will find choosing the best chicken tortellini never been easier like this:

1.   Check the ingredient list to opt for your favorite flavor

Since there is no fixed recipe for chicken tortellini, you should read the ingredient list before making the purchase to make sure the flavor of the product will satisfy your taste buds.

A person with a delicate taste can notice the slight difference between different kinds of cheese or chicken, therefore, just look for this information on the package and opt for your favorite one.

2.   Check out the nutrient information to choose the healthier side

There are some brands offering gluten-free and chicken tortellini with the lowest content of sodium or additives.

They can also be made from organic chicken which results in a better taste and texture of the dish.

3.   Consider the size of the chicken tortellini package

Chicken tortellini comes in different sizes: small, medium, and large.

You should determine your family size and how much you guys can consume to opt for the proper size of the package.

You can also buy them in bulk to get a better price because chicken tortellini stores well in the freezer.

4.   Compare prices on different brands of chicken tortellini to make sure you are getting a good deal

Chicken tortellini’s price can vary, not only because of different sizes but also just due to different brands.

You can try out several brands and decide which one is more affordable, while which one is more expensive but worth the price.

Where to buy chicken tortellini?

Chicken tortellini is not really popular in any region in the United States, but it is not that hard to find this ingredient on the market, especially with our suggestions below:

1.   Italian restaurants

If you want to opt for a completed cooked chicken tortellini dish, then look for it in an Italian restaurant.

Italian cuisine is the origin of this dish so there will be no place that offers a more authentic taste of chicken tortellini than an Italian restaurant.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

In certain grocery stores or supermarkets in the country, you can find frozen processed chicken tortellini.

They are not cooked so you need to boil them for about six to eight minutes before consuming them.

3.   Online

Some online retailers also carry this product.

So when you don’t have time or mood to go shopping, you can search for chicken tortellini on Amazon, eBay, or on the websites of certain convenience stores or supermarkets across America.


If you are looking for a quick and easy meal, chicken tortellini may be a perfect choice.

It is versatile enough to suit any taste preference with all sorts of toppings or fillings.

You can find packaged chicken tortellini at grocery stores like Walmart or Target as well as online on Amazon Prime Pantry.

Keep in mind our aforementioned tips to choose the best chicken tortellini every time you shop for this ingredient.

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