Where To Buy Organic Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Organic chicken is one of the sought-after ingredients on the market because people are more conscious about their health by consuming organic food.

So what exactly organic chicken is and where to buy organic chicken?

Read on to find the answers to these questions in this article.

What is organic chicken?

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Organic chicken is a type of chicken that is raised without using antibiotics and hormones, free-range, and fed with an organic diet.

That means a chicken, before being slaughtered and reaching consumers, needs to meet all three aforementioned requirements to be labeled “organic chicken”.

All organic chicken is free-range, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free chicken, but the reverse is not true, not all free-range or antibiotic-free chicken is organic chicken.

This difference in the way a chicken has been raised results in many differences in the taste, nutrition, and price of their meat production.

In general, a person with a very delicate palate can recognize organic versus non-organic chicken by its taste.

Although they believe that organic chicken tastes better, the difference is not significant like between organic milk and non-organic milk, or free-range beef vs regular beef.

However, since the chicken is treated with a natural and organic diet, its meat is firmer and more nutritious.

Organic chicken contains higher levels of beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A and supports our eye, skin, and immune health, and more omega-3 fatty acids.

Due to these benefits, organic chicken is usually more expensive than conventionally-raised chicken.

How many calories are in organic chicken?

In general, it is true to say that organic chicken is healthier than regular chicken.

It has a lower content of calories than non-organic chicken thanks to the less amount of fat.

However, the calories in organic chicken also vary depending on each cut.

For example, skinless chicken is lower in calories than skin-on chicken, or white meat such as chicken breasts deliver fewer calories than dark meat cut like chicken thighs.

For your information, a serving size of four ounces (113 grams) of the boneless skinless organic chicken breast only provides us with 130 calories, including 27 calories from fat.

How to choose the best organic chicken?

Choosing the best organic chicken is not that hard, especially with the help of our following tips:

1.   Buy organic chicken from a reputable store

The first thing to do when shopping for organic chicken is to look for a reputable store that sells genuine organic chicken.

Don’t let the “organic” label fool you because it is easy to counterfeit a label.

Therefore, it is crucial to find a reliable place that is trusted by many other consumers as well.

2.   Look for air-chilled organic chicken

Organic chicken can be sold fresh, air-chilled, or frozen.

It will be best to buy air-chilled organic chicken compared to other types of chicken because air-chilling is a method that helps reduce any excess water from the chicken and keep it away from contamination.

3.   Buy whole organic chicken for a better price

As already mentioned, the organic chicken will cost you more because it is time-consuming and takes more effort to raise the chicken in an organic way, and due to the benefits of organic chicken compared to the regular counterpart.

However, it is worth every penny as you are paying for high-quality food.

So to save some money, you can buy the whole chicken instead of a specific cut like organic chicken breast or thigh.

You can create plenty of mouth-watering dishes from different cuts of an entire chicken, and save more money.

Where to buy organic chicken?

Organic chicken is not widely sold as regular chicken, but it is not rare as well.

So if you crave this type of chicken, here are some places where you can look for it:

1.   Local butcher or farmer’s market

The best place to purchase real organic chicken is at a local butcher shop or a farmer’s market.

Since these places are small and in your area, it can be easier to make friends with the butcher or farmer and they can notify you when they have the best organic chicken.

You can also get a better price for organic chicken from these places.

2.   Organic store or supermarket

If they don’t have any organic chicken left in the butcher shop or farmer’s market because of the high demand for this ingredient, you can look for it in an organic store or supermarket.

However, the price for organic chicken might be a bit higher than what you have to pay for if you buy it from a farmer’s market.

3.   Online

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You can also order organic chicken online from the websites of many supermarkets in the country, or a more international platform like Amazon, or eBay.

With just some time to find a reliable seller online and a few clicks, you will have the best package of organic chicken in your kitchen without leaving home.


In conclusion, organic chicken is worth the price thanks to its premium taste and nutrient value.

You can find organic chicken from a variety of stores, including Costco and Kroger.

Where you can also buy other popular food items such as eggs or produce with this same certification, a small farmer’s market in your area.

Or the biggest online platform like Amazon which offers some discounts when buying in bulk.

Happy shopping!

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