2 Best Dairy-free Substitutes For The Cream Of Chicken Soup

dairy free cream of chicken soup substitute

It’s hard to believe that the buttery and rich cream of chicken soup can be made without using dairy products.

Why trust me?

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But it is actually possible.

If you are looking for a way to cut down the saturated fats, sugar, and salt from your diet, this article will help.

The dairy-free substitutes for the cream of chicken soup below will help you have healthier meals without sacrificing the creamy taste and texture of your dishes.

What is a cream of chicken soup?

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Cream of chicken soup is a staple in many households.

It is made by thickening chicken broth or chicken stock with butter, milk, and flour to achieve a creamy texture and milky taste.

Salt, pepper, and herbs are also often used to season and enhance the flavor of this dish.

There are some people who always make their own soup from scratch at home, while others prefer the convenience of canned cream of chicken soup.

No matter which way you enjoy it more, cream of chicken soup is packed with a flavorful, buttery flavor, and creamy consistency.

However, store-bought cream of chicken soup is usually well-known for its high level of sodium as well as cholesterol and preservatives.

Cream of chicken soup can be eaten as a single dish.

If you buy it from a grocery store, you only need to pour it into a bowl, reheat, and serve immediately.

It is also easy to adjust the consistency of the dish per your preference.

Flour and cream will help thicken the texture, while liquid like milk, stock, or water will make it more watery.

This creamy soup is also often used in casseroles recipes, or as a base for other soups and stews.

Can you substitute cream of chicken soup in cooking recipes?

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Yes, it is possible to replace the cream of chicken soup in any cooking recipe.

There are more people who are looking for substitutes for the cream of chicken soup.

The reason is that although this dish has an amazing consistency and flavor, it is packed with some health concerns because of its high fat, calories, and sodium content.

You can even replace it with various ingredients that meet your specific purpose.

For example, cream of chicken soup can be alternated by vegan options, gluten-free ingredients, dairy-free, or keto substitutes.

What dairy-free substitutes can be used to replace the cream of chicken soup?

Eating dairy-free food can benefit our health in many ways and also help us have a healthy weight.

By substituting dairy products with dairy-free counterparts, you can have the best cream of chicken soup without saturated fats or excess salt and sugar but still maintaining the incredible texture of the soup.

Here are some dairy-free substitutes that can be used to alternate cream of chicken soup: 

1.    Dairy-free canned cream of chicken soup

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Most of the store-bought cream of chicken soups are made from dairy products like butter or milk.

These are also the main ingredients that provide the dish with a creamy texture as well as a buttery and milky flavor.

However, if you give it a closer look, there are still some brands that offer dairy-free versions of cream of chicken soup.

This information is often printed on the label of the product so you can easily look for it.

2.    Replace milk and butter with dairy-free products in your homemade cream of chicken soup recipe

The best way to make sure your cream of chicken soup is out of dairy products is to make your own soup from scratch.

As already mentioned, the key to cut down the saturated fats or excess salt and sugar is to use dairy-free ingredients instead of regular dairy products.

So you will need to substitute butter with olive oil or coconut oil, and lactose-free milk options like soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, or coconut milk for regular cow milk or goat milk.

With these simple twists, you can have the best dairy-free cream of chicken soup to make delicious dishes without worrying about your lactose tolerance or your health.

The bottom line

Isn’t it interesting to know that you have a number of dairy-free substitutes for the creamy and buttery cream of chicken soup?

It is actually simple to turn your cream of chicken soup into a non-dairy dish.

Just swap conventional butter or milk with dairy-free ingredients like olive oil or nut milk.

Experiment with each ingredient until you find what suits your taste buds best.