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7 Places to Buy Beef Intestine That Will Make Your Taste Buds Go Wild!

The organs of cattle are often overlooked and even discarded.

You will be surprised by the benefits of eating beef intestines and how delicious they are if you know how to cook them properly.

In this article, we will delve into this topic and suggest the best places to buy beef intestines so that you can use this unpopular ingredient to create delicious meals for your family.

What are beef gut intestine or stomach?

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Beef intestines are the tubes that carry food to and from the stomach.

They are also well known as the beef tripe.

Beef intestines are an edible organ of cattle, in contrast with the beef liver which is a non-edible organ.

Beef intestines have been eaten around the world for many years, but they are not a popular ingredient in the United States, but in Asian and Mexican cuisine.

Although beef intestines are often underrated, they are packed with many healthy nutrients.

These are typically used in sausage production as the casings, or in many slow-cooking recipes such as menudo, trippa alla fiorentina, stews, or soups.

Beef intestines have a crunchy texture, and if being cooked for a long time, they become tender and create a very flavorful broth.

How many calories are in cow gut intestine or stomach?

Beef tripe, or beef intestines, are rich in nutrients but low in calories.

The exact amount of calories can also depend on what dish you are cooking with beef intestines, but in general, a serving of cooked beef tripe (about 140 grams) will contain 131 calories.

The great thing is they are also packed with proteins, vitamin B12, selenium, calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium.

This makes beef intestines ideal to be added to the diet of someone who wants to lose weight.

How to choose the best beef gut intestine or stomach?

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Cattle organs in general, or beef intestines in particular, are often packed with a strong odor.

This is also one of the reasons why many people hesitate to eat this ingredient.

However, with some notices below, you will know how to choose the best intestines, plus with a proper cleaning way, you will have the greatest tripe waiting in the kitchen.

1. The beef intestines shouldn’t have any weird spots

Normally, beef intestines have a white to pale brown color.

If you notice there is any black or weird spot on the surface of the tripe, you better say goodbye to that package and look for another source to buy.

The best beef intestines should be glossy and bright without an unpleasant smell.

2. The texture should be firm and moist

Good tripe will have a firm texture.

So when shopping for beef intestines, you should give them a touch to check their texture to get rid of the tripe that is too soft and watery.

The intestines that are too dry and dull also indicate that they are not fresh at all.

Where to buy beef/cow gut intestine or stomach?

Beef intestines are usually sold fresh and raw.

It is rare to have a processed product from this organ ingredient.

If you want to buy beef intestines to make some Chinese dishes at weekends, here are some reputable places to go:

1. Butcher shop

It is easy to buy any cut from a cow in a butcher shop.

Here, you can access the freshest cuts of meat or organs right after the cattle are slaughtered.

However, the minus point is you are likely to have clean beef intestines yourself at home, which might be a trick for some people.

However, just ask the butcher to help you remove any dirty things inside the trip before bringing it home.

This will partially help ease the cleaning process.

2. Grocery stores

When it comes to buying beef intestines at grocery stores, they are usually cleaned thoroughly so that you only need to rinse them out before starting to cook them.

Another thing is, you better go to the grocery stores in the Asian markets to make sure that you can buy this ingredient there.


We hope you have understood the basic things about beef intestines.

This organ ingredient should be added to your family menu occasionally to get rid of the boring feeling about regular meat and to provide essential nutrients that are lacking in many people’s diets.

To buy the best beef tripe, you can reach out to Asian markets or the meat section of grocery stores.

Keep in mind that beef intestines need to be completely cleaned before cooking so that there won’t be any strong smell that might destroy your dish.

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