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Which Chicken Reigns Supreme? Find Out the Difference Between Brahma and Jersey Giant!

When it comes to shopping for chicken, no matter if it is slaughtered chicken for cooking or raw chickens to raise in your backyard, choosing the right breed is essential.

In this article, we will learn more about two large breeds of chicken, which are Brahma chicken and Jersey Giant to see which kind of chicken is more suitable for your needs.

Let’s check it out!

What are Brahma chickens?

Brahma chickens are the perfect backyard chicken breed for anyone looking to add variety, color, and personality to their flock.

They have a docile temperament and come in different colors, including light, dark, and buff.

The Brahma is an American breed of chicken that was developed in the United States from birds imported from China.

This breed was known as “Shanghai” birds due to its origin but has been known as the “King” and “Emperor Chicken” after its appearance in the United States.

The Brahma became a popular meat choice for Americans during the late 1800s, peaking around 1930 due to its delicious flavor.

Brahma chickens are not only great for meat but also for their egg production.

With thick feathers, Brahma chickens are good winter layer chickens of large brown eggs, which can weigh up to 60 grams per egg.

What are Jersey Giant chickens?

Jersey Giants are an American breed of chicken that originated from New Jersey in the 1800s, and they are giant, hence their name.

Jersey Giant is currently the largest chicken breed in the world.

They can weigh up to 18 pounds, which is equivalent to a standard turkey size.

Despite their huge size, Jersey Giant chickens are friendly, gentle, and get along well with other breeds.

They are also not flighty, so it is easier to handle them, even in your backyard.

This kind of breed was bred as a dual-purpose bird with the intention of providing meat and eggs for consumption.

Jersey Giant chickens can come in different colors, such as blue, black, and white.

The female chicken tends to turn broody over time, after laying large brown eggs.

What are the differences between Brahma chickens vs Jersey Giant chickens?

Brahma chickens and Jerseys Giants are two different breeds of chicken with the following different features:

 Brahma chickensJersey Giant chickens
OriginDeveloped in America from birds imported from Shanghai portBred from domestic breeds in New Jersey, America
SizeLarge, averagely 9 pounds for hens and 12 pounds for roostersLargest, up to 18 pounds
LifespanAbout five to eight yearsAbout six years

What are the similarities between Brahma chickens vs Jersey Giant chickens?

Despite some key differences between Brahma chickens and Jersey Giants that are mentioned in the previous section, these two breeds seem to share more similarities:

1. Brahma chickens and Jersey Giant chickens can come in different colors

These two kinds of chicken breeds can come in a variety of shades, therefore, don’t panic if your Jersey Giant is black while your friend’s Jersey Giant chicken is white.

Brahma chickens and Jersey Giants can be blue, black, white, or buff.

The color can also vary between a female and a male chicken too.

2. Jersey Giant chickens and Brahma chickens are great for both meat and egg productions

Another similarity between Jersey Giant chickens and Brahma chickens is that both are raised for their meat and egg productions.

Due to the large size, there will be a lot of meat from a Brahma or Jersey Giant chicken.

However, even Brahma chickens are a bit smaller than Jersey Giants, they offer a higher meat-to-bone ratio.

Both breeds are also good winter layer chickens with their large brown eggs.

3. Two breeds of chicken are friendly despite their huge sizes

Brahma chickens and Jersey Giants also have the same characteristic.

Although they look huge, these two chicken breeds are both gentle, friendly, and get along well with other breeds.

This makes Brahma chickens and Jersey Giants ideal for backyard farming.

4. Brahma chickens and Jersey Giants are popular in the United States

The last thing in common between Brahma chickens and Jersey Giants is that they are both popular breeds in the United States.

You can easily buy Brahma or Jersey Giant chicks to raise from different farms throughout America.

Which one is better?

In conclusion, the two breeds of chicken we’ve talked about are both large in size and have a few different features that make them suitable for various purposes.

For instance, the Brahma will be great if you want to raise chickens as pets because they don’t fly and can live well in cold climates.

They also produce tasty meat and eggs.

On the other hand, Jersey Giants are suited for both meat and egg production due to their fast growth rate, but require larger space due to their giant size.

So what’s your preference?

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