5 Great Side Dish Recipes To Accompany Spicy Chicken Chili

spicy chicken chili side dish

If you are looking for an easy and delicious side dish to serve with your spicy chicken chili, the five simple dishes below will be the way to go.

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What is spicy chicken chili?

Spicy chicken chili is a chili recipe that has a spicy taste.

It is a delicious dish that is made with boneless chicken (either white meat chicken or dark meat chicken) cooked with different kinds of beans, tomatoes, spices, and chili pepper.

This dish has a thick saucy texture that is perfect for a winter meal, and it is sure to warm you up on a cold day.

Spicy chicken chili is packed with flavor, and the heat level is enough to add a kick to your palate instead of burning your mouth.

Since the chicken chili takes a while to tenderize the ingredients, it can be prepared in advance and reheated before serving.

Spicy chicken chili is great for a family dinner with other dishes on the side to complement the meal.

What to consider when choosing a spicy chicken chili’s side dish?

When you are planning for your next get together, don’t forget the chili!

However, to make your meal more hearty, there are so many different side dishes to choose from, and everyone is sure to find one they love.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a side dish for your spicy chili:

Consider a starchy and filling side dish or a lighter one with vegetables only

Spicy chicken chili can be served with a starchy side dish or a vegetable-based accompaniment.

It all depends on your personal preference to opt for either one of these kinds of side dishes when it comes to a thick and hearty spicy chicken chili.

A starchy side can be made from grains, lentils, or starchy veggies that can help keep you fuller.

Meanwhile, a dish that is made with leafy greens or fruits is lighter, healthier, and more refreshing, but you will feel hungry quicker.

The side dish should have a milder taste, and should not be spicy

Avoid serving your spicy chicken chili with a strong-flavored side dish, especially the one that has a spicy taste.

The main dish is relatively hot, so it needs something lighter and milder to offset its savory and spicy taste.

If there are two or more spicy dishes in a meal, you are literally burning your tongue.

5 best side dishes to serve with spicy chicken chili

Here are the five best side dishes to accompany your spicy chicken chili:

1.     Steamed rice

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A bowl of hot steamed rice is just perfect for a winter meal with spicy chicken chili.

White steamed rice is easy to make, affordable, and versatile.

It works well with almost all saucy savory dishes, such as a spicy chicken chili thanks to the mild flavor and starchy texture of rice.

It also helps fill your empty stomach without breaking the bank.

2.     Garlic bread

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Garlic bread is another good option to serve with your spicy chicken chili.

The aromatic flavor of garlic works well with different kinds of chicken recipes.

Garlic bread is easy to make and it can come with a buttery taste with a spread of butter over the bread and some sprinkled fresh herbs to enhance the flavor.

3.     Baked potatoes

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You can also serve your spicy chicken chili with baked potatoes.

In this case, both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes will work.

Baked potatoes have a starchy and soft texture when the potatoes are fully cooked.

They should always be served hot, making them perfect for a winter meal.

4.     Chips and guacamole

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Do you want to bring the Mexican flavor to your kitchen?

Let’s serve your spicy chicken chili with some chips and guacamole.

Chips refer to crispy corn or wheat tortillas, served alongside a bowl of guacamole, which is made with crushed ripe avocado and spices.

This classic combination is just perfect to make your spicy chicken chili more hearty and delicious.

5.     Salads

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For those who want a light and healthy companion to serve with spicy chicken chili, a bowl of salad will be a wise choice.

There are numerous salad recipes out there with different variants.

You can combine different kinds of raw or cooked veggies, fruits, and salad dressings with each other and create your own favorite version of a refreshing but flavorful salad to balance out the spicy and savory taste of chicken chili.

The bottom line

The five side dish recipes above taste great and best of all, they are easily customized based on your preference.

It’s time for a decision.

We highly recommend you give all of these options a shot to figure out the best one to serve with your spicy chicken chili.

Happy cooking!