Where To Buy Chicken Fat Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

We are all familiar with pork fat, but what about chicken fat?

Will it work the same way?

Have you ever wondered where to buy chicken fat?

If yes, this article will help.

Keep reading and figure out some basic knowledge about chicken fat as well as the places to purchase the best of it on the market.

What is chicken fat?

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Chicken fat is a subcutaneous layer of adipose tissue found beneath the skin or around the organs and bones of the chickens.

This fatty tissue helps to insulate and protect the birds from cold weather and water.

It also provides nourishment for muscles and other tissues underneath.

In addition to being helpful, chicken fat can be used as a cooking ingredient like butter or oil because of its high smoke point (400°F), or a common flavoring for some soups.

It provides an excellent source of energy and is also essential in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Chicken fat doesn’t need to be as bad as it sounds, as long as you have a proper way to cook and consume it.

On the other hand, chicken fat has a high level of cholesterol and can increase the risk of certain diseases.

It also contains more calories than other types of fat and cooking oil, so chicken fat is not something that should be consumed on a regular basis.

How many calories are in chicken fat?

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Chicken fat is extremely high in calories.

100 grams of chicken fat will provide 900 calories, or one tablespoon of rendered chicken fat (about 13 grams) contains 115 calories.

When using chicken fat as a cooking ingredient in your dish, it is recommended to use only one to two tablespoons for a healthier background.

How to choose the best chicken fat?

Some people are afraid of buying low-quality chicken fat, but with the tips below, you can find choosing the best chicken fat is easier than ever:

1.   If you choose raw fat, look for the fat that looks yellow and have a specific smell of poultry fat

The raw chicken fat has a bright yellow color.

If fresh, it has a mild and specific smell of poultry fat.

Avoid buying fat that has a strong and unpleasant odor.

2.   If you choose chicken tallow, look for the one that is pale yellow to white in color

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When it comes to rendered chicken or called tallow, you should check its color.

It should have a pale yellow color, which is lighter than raw chicken fat.

Chicken tallow turns solid at room temperature and shouldn’t have any discoloration.

3.   Inspect the package of the chicken tallow

Chicken tallow is usually contained in a glass jar.

When shopping for this ingredient, you cannot open the container and inspect the content if you haven’t paid for it.

Therefore, check the package of the product instead.

The lid needs to be sealed tightly to prevent the fat from being exposed to the air and humidity.

Also, check the expiration date to make sure the chicken fat is still best to use.

Where to buy chicken fat?

It is easy to buy chicken fat on the market, either the raw or rendered form.

Here are some places where you can buy chicken fat:

1.   Local butcher

You can even get raw chicken fat from a local butcher for free.

Normally, the butcher will trim all cuts of chicken to remove excess fat that makes those meat cuts greasy and fatty before packaging them.

Therefore, if you call them ahead to ask for chicken fat, they can save it for you for free because of the very low price of this ingredient.

2.   Grocery store or supermarket

In a grocery store or supermarket, you will rather find chicken tallow than raw chicken fat.

Sticking with chicken tallow will be cleaner and more convenient because you can use it immediately from the jar without any further steps required.

3.   Online

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You can also buy the rendered form of chicken fat, which is actually chicken tallow from many online retailers.

Some popular websites like Walmart.com, Costco.com, etc,…or Amazon.com are great suppliers for you to choose chicken tallow from.

Remember to check the container of chicken fat carefully when it reaches your front door to make sure it is not broken or the lid is loose.


With so many brands and types of chicken fat, it could be hard to figure out which is best.

However, this is what happened in the past, now you know the tips to choose the best chicken fat no matter if it is raw or rendered, or where you should go to buy this product.

It’s time for shopping and making some dishes that use the best chicken fat you have just bought from a grocery store.

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