7 Side Dishes To Make Your Smothered Chicken Taste Better

smothered chicken side dish

Smothered chicken is one of those dishes that are both easy to make and absolutely delicious.

But what do you serve with smothered chicken?

This question can be a little perplexing but don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Keep reading to learn more!

What is smothered chicken?

Smothered chicken refers to a chicken dish that is cooked in a kind of sauce in a covered pan over low heat until the meat is tender.

It can be equivalent to braised chicken.

Smothered chicken often comes with a creamy sauce, and a flavorful taste from various ingredients, like green peppers, or mushrooms.

Smothered chicken is a delicious and easy weeknight meal that the whole family will love.

What to consider when choosing a smothered chicken’s side dish?

There are some key factors that will affect how you choose a side dish for smothered chicken.

So keep in mind the following things to ensure your smothered chicken will always be served with a good companion:

Smothered chicken is typically served with a starchy side dish

A rich sauce that comes with smothered chicken is perfect when being served with a starchy side dish.

Rice, noodles, corn, or potatoes are some common starch choices in most cases.

The starchy texture and mild flavor from these ingredients can perfectly pair with your savory and rich smothered chicken.

Serve your smothered chicken with a vegetable accompaniment for a lighter meal

If you want to keep your body in shape, it is better to serve your smothered chicken with a vegetable side dish.

Vegetables are packed with numerous essential vitamins and minerals that can benefit your health in many ways.

Moreover, if you know how to cook veggies in a proper way, you can have a healthy dish without sacrificing flavor.

7 best side dishes to serve with the smothered chicken

It’s time to dig into the seven best side dishes to serve with smothered chicken:

1.     Mashed potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are a classic side dish to serve with your smothered chicken.

By mashing boiled potatoes with some spices, herbs, and cream, you will have a smooth and creamy side dish to serve with your chicken.

2.     Buttermilk biscuits

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Buttermilk biscuits are a Southern staple that is great on the side of a chicken dish.

Buttermilk biscuits are one of the classic and easy baking recipes that you should try at least once in your life.

You can also add any flavor to this biscuit recipe per your preference.

3.     Steamed rice

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If you prefer a filling side dish that can help you feel fuller, steamed rice is a good companion to pair with smothered chicken.

This rice dish has a starchy texture that can easily absorb the sauce of the chicken dish, while the mild flavor can balance the savory taste of chicken.

4.     Noodles

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Noodles are a good idea to serve with your smothered chicken.

This ingredient is more popular in Asian cuisine.

If you are living in a Western country and it’s hard to find rice noodles, pasta can be a great substitute.

Noodles or pasta can be simply boiled in a couple of minutes until they are cooked, then topped with creamy and saucy smothered chicken.

5.     Roasted vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are always on the top list to serve with a meat-based dish like smothered chicken.

The mild flavor of roasted veggies can help balance the rich and savory taste of smothered chicken without breaking your budget.

Some typical types of vegetables for roasting are potatoes, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, or eggplants.

6.     Sauteed green beans

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You can also serve your smothered chicken with sauteed green beans.

Sauteed green beans are quick to make and the resulting dish won’t disappoint you.

The vibrant green color of this dish can already be a nice addition to your smothered chicken, in terms of appearance.

Green beans are also packed with many potential health benefits, making them a delicious and healthy option that we highly recommend trying.

7.     Salad

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Salads are a nutritious side dish to serve with your smothered chicken without sacrificing flavor.

Moreover, there are different kinds of salads for you to choose from, so you can even have several kinds of salads in one meal to satisfy different taste buds.

It is up to you to opt for your favorite salad recipe, but in this case, a tangy and refreshing green or fruit salad will be more perfect.

The bottom line

Regardless of what side dish you choose to serve with your smothered chicken, make sure that it will complement your chicken dish without overpowering the flavor profile of the main course.

All of the aforementioned seven companions are easy to make and will leave your taste buds with delicious flavors.

Why not try a few more ideas and see which one your family likes the most on the side of smothered chicken?

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