7 Great Side Dishes To Pair With Your Pork Milanese

pork milanese side dish

When you think of classic Italian dishes, pork Milanese is likely to be near the top of the list.

This breaded and fried pork cutlet is delicious on its own, but it also pairs well with numerous side dishes.

If you are not sure what to serve with pork Milanese, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Here are the seven easy and mouth-watering recipes that will go perfectly with your pork Milanese.

Let’s check it out!

What is pork Milanese?

Pork Milanese is a breaded cutlet of pork that is pan-fried until it achieves a golden and crispy crust.

This dish is a pork version of the traditional veal Milanese, a popular Italian dish that originated in Milanese Lombard cuisine.

Pork Milanese can be made with either boneless or bone-in pork chops, and it is often eaten as the main course with other accompaniments on the side.

What to consider when choosing a pork Milanese’s side dish?

Pork Milanese should be the star of the show, but choosing the right side dishes to complement the entree is also very important.

You won’t want to ruin your crispy and delicious fried pork Milanese with a failed accompaniment.

So what to consider when choosing a pork Milanese’s side dish?

The following tips can help you pick the best companion for pork Milanese:

Pork Milanese can work with a starchy or a vegetable side dish

Pork Milanese is typically served as the main course.

Since it is completely meat-based, this dish should be served with a starchy side dish or a vegetable one.

These options can help complement your pork entree in different ways.

A starchy side can be made from grain or a starchy vegetable like potatoes or other lentils, which can help keep you fuller.

Meanwhile, a leafy green dish is lighter, refreshing, and can help offset the savory taste of your pork dish.

Do you want something that can be prepared in advance and reheated later on?

Each side dish recipe requires a different cooking time.

Therefore, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to make a particular dish, you can consider a recipe that can be made ahead of time and reheated before serving.

If you have a lot of time to prepare pork Milanese and other side dishes, feel free to take your time and make something more complicated.

7 best side dishes to serve with pork Milanese

Here are the seven side dishes that we find best to serve with pork Milanese:

1.     Mac and cheese

Kraft Easy Mac Original Flavor Macaroni and Cheese Meal (18 Pouches)

Mac and cheese is a classic combination to accompany any meat-based dish, including pork Milanese.

Mac and cheese have a creamy taste that is not too heavy, but this side dish will be sure to satisfy your taste buds and keep you full for a while.

2.     Mashed potatoes

Amazon Kitchen, Mashed Potatoes, 16 oz

Another classic side dish to accompany pork Milanese is mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes are easy to make and versatile.

They can come in different flavors with a twist on the spice or herb used in the recipe.

Mashed potatoes provide a smooth and creamy texture that is opposite to the crispiness of pork Milanese.

3.     Crispy baked potatoes

Lay's Oven Baked Original Potato Crisps, 1.125 Ounce (Pack of 64)

A piece of pork Milanese can also be served alongside some crispy baked potatoes on the same plate.

Baked potatoes are often made from regular potatoes, but you can also use sweet potatoes too.

The crispiness on the outside and the starchy inside the potatoes are just perfect to enjoy with any meat dish.

4.     Arugula salad

365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Packaged Baby Arugula, 5 oz

For those who are looking for a light side dish to accompany crispy pork Milanese, an arugula salad is a perfect choice.

Arugula salad is even one of the classic and favorite side dish recipes to serve with a meat dish in the Milanese style.

This simple salad is made with arugula and other kinds of veggies like cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, nuts, shredded cheese, and a sour dressing made from lemon juice or Balsamic vinegar.

The refreshing taste of this salad will balance the savory taste of pork Milanese, making your meal more palatable.

5.     Coleslaw

Taylor Farms Coleslaw, 14 oz Bag

Another salad that can work as a good accompaniment for pork Milanese is coleslaw.

Coleslaw is typically made from shredded cabbage and carrot, with a creamy and tangy mayo dressing.

However, you can also find other variants of coleslaw from different cuisines, but they can all work with pork Milanese in their own ways.

6.     Roasted vegetables

Pictsweet Farms Vegetables for Roasting Brussels Sprouts, Butternut...

Roasted vegetables are also great to serve with pork Milanese.

It is best to opt for green veggies that have a crunchy texture like asparagus for the roasting recipe.

Roasted vegetables will not only make your meal taste better but also provide you with essential vitamins and minerals.

7.     White wine

La Vieille Ferme Blanc, 750 ml

What about a glass of white wine on the side of pork Milanese?

White wine is relatively low in alcohol, and it will help boost your appetite when enjoying other dishes.

A glass of white wine is just perfect to accompany pork Milanese in case you don’t have time to prepare a complicated side dish.

The bottom line

Which of these seven dishes is your favorite?

Feel free to try all these side dishes at home to pair with your pork Milanese because they are all easy to make and will be sure to leave you with delicious flavors.

See you around in other posts!

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