You Won’t Believe What The Experts Say About Ham Vs Pork – Find Out The Shocking Difference!

pork vs ham

There’s definitely a ‘Huh?’ when it comes to the debate about ham vs.

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pork – which one is better.

Isn’t ham a type of pork?

So what is much there to start the controversial discussion?

Actually, there are many more factors to look into ham and pork: their look, texture, taste, smell, cooking methods, and so on.

In this post, we will give you a closer look on each type of meat so you can decide which one will match your favor.

What Is Special about Pork?

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Pork is the general name for all types of ready-to-be-cooked meat which is obtained from domesticated pigs, including tenderloin, chop, ribs, jowl, fatback, etc.

Raw pork can be made into different types of dishes such as sausage, pulled pork, bacon or ham.

Pork can be cooked to make it tough and chewy, which is what we typically see on our plates at breakfast time.

But pork can also be juicy and tender when prepared correctly – just like lamb or beef – with a cooking time between 10-12 minutes per pound at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 Celsius).

According to Global Agriculture, pork accounts for 40% of the world meat’s consumption, ranking at the first position of the list.

Poultry are in the second position with 30% and the third is beef with 24%.

What Is Special about Ham?

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Ham, in contrast, is made from a specific type of pork: the pig’s hind legs.It is a cured meat that is in the ready-to-eat form.

People can choose to directly use it for the sandwiches fillings, or baked it for a breakfast plate.

Not as versatile as the raw meat cousin, ham is used as an add-on ingredient such as adding to the scrambled eggs, chowders, or casseroles.

What Are the Differences Between Ham And Pork?

Ham and pork have several differences that you can tell by the appearance, the taste and other features.

Below is the breakdown of their unique factors:

Color– The meat part has a pink color
– The fat part has a creamy-white colorThe meat part has a deep pink hue colorTextureFresh pork has a shiny surface, and the meat part will bounce back when pressed.
The surface is no longer shiny due to the effect of salt or smoke. It has a firmer texture in comparison to raw pork.
FlavorPork does not have a specific flavor, the meat is bland and can be a bit sweet.Due to the curing process, ham has a unique salty, sweet or smoky flavor.
Shelf LifeFresh pork can be kept up to 5 days in the refrigerator and can be kept up to 12 months in the freezer. However, it can only be kept and cooked at room temperature within 2 hours.Ham can have the best quality within 7 days being the fridge.   Dry-cured ham is stored at room temperature up to three months.
Cooking methods and consumptionRaw pork is required to be cooked (using heat) in order to be made into different dishes.   Pork is eaten in various forms such as roasted, smoked, cooked, salted, or grilled, etc.Ham can be eaten directly without using heat. You can also increase the flavor by baking it.    

What Are the Similarities Between Ham And Pork?

One obvious thing is that ham and pork are all sourced from domesticated pigs.

Which One Is Better?

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Ham and pork are two different cuts from the same animal.

Both hold their own unique flavors and characteristics.

Ham will be your ideal option if you have just a short time to prepare meals.

However, no one can deny that pork is healthier and more flexible meat that can be made into a variety of dishes.

Depending on the serving purposes and the required preparing time, you can pick ham or pork as your favorite.

If you have any other thoughts regarding the debate between ham and pork, share with us in the comment section below!