Jersey Beef Vs Angus Beef: What’s The Difference?

The beef industry has been around for many years and the different types of beef have been developed to meet the needs of customers.

It can be difficult to determine which type is best for you, but there are some differences that may help you choose.

So if you have ever wondered the differences between Jersey and Angus beef, this article is for you.

Now, let’s figure out how these two kinds of beef differ from each other.

What is Jersey beef?

Jersey beef is the meat from Jersey cows which are a type of cattle found in the United States and the British Isles.

The breed was developed on Jersey Island, hence the name.

Jersey cows are larger than most breeds of dairy cows, weighing an average of 1200 pounds at maturity.

It has a reputation for being well-adapted to pasture conditions due to its ability to efficiently convert low-quality feed into high-quality food for humans.

Jersey cows have been bred primarily as the milk producer, but they also produce amazing meat with beautiful yellow fat layers outside and between the muscle fibers.

It can be used for many dishes, including hamburgers, steaks, roast beef, or sandwiches.

What is Angus beef?

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Angus beef is the meat from the Aberdeen Angus breed, which is a type of cattle that originated in Scotland in the 1800s.

Angus beef is known for its high-quality marbling and perfect tenderness, which makes them very desirable in the food industry.

The cows typically grow to be about two to three years old before they’re slaughtered for meat.

At this time, they weigh between 600- 900 pounds and stand around three feet tall at the shoulder.

Angus beef can come from the Red Angus or Black Angus breeds, but the latter is the most common type because the Red Angus is not recognized by the American Angus Association.

It is the most popular beef throughout the United States because the high-quality meat makes it much more tender and flavorful than most of the conventional counterparts.

What are the differences between Jersey beef vs Angus beef?

Jersey beef and Angus beef are two kinds of beef that are from two distinct breeds, therefore, there must have been numerous differences between them.

The comparison table below will break these differences into pieces so that you can easily follow what is special about each kind of beef.

 Jersey beefAngus beef
PopularityRareThe most popular beef in the United States
Main productionUsually raised for milk as dairy cattle, but can also be raised for meatOnly raised for meat production
Texture and fat contentHave more fat and marbling, which is yellow in color due to the grass-fed diet that results in the high nutrient contentAlso have excellent marbling, making the meat tender and juicy
ColorDarker (dark red to brown)Lighter

What are the similarities between Jersey beef vs Angus beef?

Despite some key differences between Jersey beef and Angus beef, they also share some similarities:

1. They are high-quality and healthy red meat

We all know that beef is red meat, and there is no exception for Jersey beef and Angus beef.

However, these kinds of beef set them apart from the regular beef because the cows that produce these types of beef are raised in a standard and healthy living environment and diet, making their meat much better than the conventional counterpart.

Jersey beef and Angus beef are high in protein and other essential nutrients that are superb for our health.

So in general, these two types of beef not only create the most delicious beef dishes but are also helpful to improve our health, no wonder they are sold at a higher price than other meat.

2. They are perfect for roasting, grilling, and broiling

With much more marbling fat than regular beef, Jersey beef and Angus beef are perfect to cook under direct heat.

Nothing will be more satisfying than watching the fat running out from the tender and juicy meat while roasting, grilling, or broiling.

Which one is better?

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Both Jersey beef and Angus beef are great for different reasons and most people can find a type that they like.

The key is to take into account the differences between them so you know what will work best for your needs.

You can try both to know what kind of beef you prefer.

Now, it’s time to figure out which one seems to be greater to your taste buds.

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