Female Vs Male Pork: What’s The Difference?

female vs male pork

When it comes to purchasing meat, you as a customer surely want to choose the best quality meat to prepare wholesome meals for your family.

The same as choosing crabs or chicken, you tend to look for the meat of female and male pigs depending on your purposes as they are different from each other to some extent.

So, what are the special things of female or male pork over the other?

What are the similarities and differences between these two?

Which one is better?

Read this article through and find out the answers.

What Is Special about Female Pork?

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Female pork (also called ‘sow pork’) is the meat sourced from the matured female pig.

It is believed to have a more delicate flavor and is full of nuances.

The meat on the market nowadays is mostly from female pigs than the males pigs.

Some factors to identify the sow pork are:

  • Rough and thick skin
  • The fat part is thin and has an off-white color
  • The meat is soft
  • There are probably some lymph nodes found in the neck and joint meat.

What Is Special about Male Pork?

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There are 2 cases when it comes to male pork: the normal tasted meat and the ‘boar taint’ tasted meat.

If the meat is from the castrated pigs, there is a small difference if any between this meat and the female meat.

In contrast, the non-castrated male pork will have an unpleasant odor called ‘boar taint’.

According to Wikipedia, boar taint is found in around 20% of entire male finishing pigs.

The compounds of androstenone and skatole which are found in male pigs’ fat are responsible for that bad smell.

  • Androstenone (a male pheromone) is produced in the testes as male pigs reach puberty, which cause the sweat or urine smell
  • Skatole (a byproduct of intestinal bacteria) is produced in both male and female pigs and gives the meat a ‘fecal’ flavour.

What Are the Differences Between Female And Male Pork?

Actually, the nutrient content in male pork and female pork doesn’t show any significant differences.

There are only some special things to take notes:

  • Sow pork contains a substance called ‘immunoglobulin’ which will increase if the female pigs have given birth.
  • This substance is the main cause of severe effects on human health if being consumed for a long time.
  • Since male pigs are likely more active than female pigs, their meat is believed to have more muscle, more visible marbling and less moisture exudate and less thaw loss than the female pork, according to The Pig Site.

What Are the Similarities Between Female And Male Pork?

Good quality pork in general has a similar bland and almost flavorless taste just like chicken breasts.

That’s why pork texture is mainly the ‘feelgood factor’ that people care the most.

It is succulent, juicy and tender depending on the parts that the mat comes from.

Also, pork is very nutritious and protein-dense with a lot of vitamins, minerals and good acids such as: vitamin B6, B12, Phosphorus, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, etc.

Take a look at our previous articles  about the nutrient content of different types of pork meat.

Which One Is Better?

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Frankly, when you consider any animals, there is nothing like ‘better’ gender.

But you should define your purchasing purposes in order to pick the best fit.

To avoid purchasing the boar tainted meat, you should pay close attention in the picking process: find a reliable butcher, give the meat a sniff and feel the texture before making the decision.

Be a smart consumer!

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