Ground Pork Smells Like Bleach: How To Get Rid Of The Bleach Smell In Ground Pork?

ground pork smells like bleach

When you open the package of ground pork to make meatballs, a bleach-like smell comes out and makes you feel sick.

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So how to get rid of it?

Let’s accompany us and find the answer in this article.

Why does my ground pork smell like bleach?

Although it is not common to catch a bleach smell from ground pork if you often shop for this ingredient from a reputable store, sometimes, the bleach or chlorine smell can be found in your package of pre-ground pork.

Obviously, the bleach smell only appears when this chemical substance is used while processing the meat.

The main reason for this odor is that the pork has been washed with bleach before being ground and sold on the market.

This might be because the butcher or seller wants to hide something from their pork, such as a sign of spoilage, or simply makes the meat look cleaner and glowier.

Is it safe to eat ground pork that smells like bleach?

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Many people may ask themselves why bleach is used in food processing.

In fact, bleach is safe if being used at a correct and allowable level.

It helps remove some unwanted blood or dirt from the surroundings that stick to the meat.

However, if the amount of bleach used to clean meat is higher than it should be, it might pose some risks to your health, as well as provide a pungent chlorine smell.

To determine if it is safe to cook ground pork that smells like bleach, you need to identify if your ground pork is spoiled or not.

This is done by checking the meat to see if there are other signs of spoilage like mold, rotten smell, slimy texture, or discoloration.

In this case, the package of ground pork that you have just bought is definitely not meant to be consumed.

How to get rid of the bleach smell from ground pork?

This is absolutely one of the most asked questions when people want to serve their family with the most delicious dishes from ground pork without getting in any trouble.

So here are the three ways that we find easy to do and can help you get rid of the bleach smell in your ground pork:

Buy fresh ground pork from a reputable store

The first thing you need to do is to look for ground pork from a reputable store.

It is best if you have a good relationship with the local butcher so that you can get the best meat cut or package of ground pork anytime you want at a reasonable price.

Moreover, remember to buy fresh ground pork instead of frozen patties to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of your dish.

Make your own ground pork by buying a fresh cut of pork (normally pork shoulder)

You can also choose to make your own ground pork from scratch so that you will never experience a bad odor like in some store-bought ground pork packages.

Typically, a pork shoulder or pork butt cut is ideal for making ground pork thanks to its texture, marbling fat, and affordability.

You can use a sharp knife to finely chop the pork cut or put it into a meat grinder to have a smooth texture of ground pork without any fuss.

Cook the meat with the lid uncovered and season with pungent spices

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Last but not least, you can cook your smelly ground pork in an uncovered pot so that the bad smell can air out.

Additionally, you can marinate and season your ground pork with pungent spices like garlic, pepper, onion, curry powder, chili powder, or other dry herbs to mask the slight bleach smell in your ground pork.

The bottom line

The smell of bleach is the result of hydrogen peroxide, which is often used to remove the blood and other dirty substances on the meat.

However, if it is used without a proper instruction, you might end up with meat that smells like a pool.

Be sure to buy a good package of fresh ground pork or make your own ground beef from a fresh cut of organic pork, it will be the best way to ensure the freshness and deliciousness of your dish.