Where To Buy Kosher Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

When shopping for meat, you must have once seen some packages that are labeled “Kosher chicken”.

So what exactly Kosher chicken is and if you want some to stock up in your kitchen, where you should go to choose the best Kosher chicken?

All these wonders about Kosher chicken will be unraveled in this article.

Now, let’s check it out!

What is Kosher chicken?

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For many Jews, the word kosher has become synonymous with Jewish food.

However, when you think about it for a second, this isn’t true at all.

Kosher actually means “fit” or “proper.”

This is because, in Judaism, food that is considered to be fit for consumption by Jews according to their dietary laws is called Kosher.

For example, meat and poultry products must contain no blood whatsoever in order to be considered kosher under Jewish law; certain fish should have fins and scales; dairy products cannot be mixed with any non-dairy product; etc.

 In addition to these requirements, some Jews believe that meat shouldn’t come from animals who were mistreated or not given proper care (such as animals raised on factory farms).

So the main difference between Kosher chicken and regular chicken is the way the bird is slaughtered.

Kosher chicken must be killed individually by experts who have been trained and understand Jewish laws.

They are also known as a shochet.

Before being sold on the market and reaching consumers, the meat has to be salted to reduce some water content and remove any blood left on the surface or inside the chicken.

How many calories are in Kosher chicken?

As already mentioned, the difference between Kosher chicken and non-Kosher chicken just lies in how the bird is slaughtered, not the taste or texture of the meat.

Therefore, there is almost no or a very slight difference in the calories and nutrient facts of Kosher chicken compared to the regular counterpart.

However, since it is believed that Kosher chicken is selected from poultries that received proper care or are humanely raised, it might be true to say that Kosher chicken is leaner and firmer, which results in a lower amount of calories.

Generally, for a serving size of four ounces of Kosher chicken, you will get appropriately 110 to 140 calories, depending on which cut of chicken (breast or thigh) and the type it is sold (skin-on or skinless).

How to choose the best Kosher chicken?

If the chicken is already labeled Kosher, that means it meets several requirements that maintain cleanliness and purity.

Therefore, what rest you need to do to choose the best Kosher chicken is just a piece of cake.

1. Buy Kosher chicken from a reputable store

Not all stores sell Kosher chicken and not all Kosher packages contain real Kosher chicken, therefore, make sure you do some research before shopping for Kosher chicken to find a reliable place that sells genuine Kosher chicken.

You can also ask our Jew friends to know a reputable store that provides high-quality Kosher chicken.

2. Consider your favorite raw cut or products

Kosher chicken doesn’t just refer to the raw cuts like chicken breasts, chicken wings, or chicken thighs.

You can also purchase Kosher chicken soup, Kosher chicken sausage, or Kosher chicken nuggets from different brands.

Therefore, consider your family’s favorite product to buy so that every member will enjoy your meal.

Where to buy Kosher chicken?

With a large population that is Jewish, Kosher chicken is widely sold on the market, especially in the region where Jewish live.

Here are some places where you can buy Kosher chicken:

1. Jewish farmer’s market

You can easily look for any kind of Kosher meat, including Kosher chicken in Jewish farmers’ markets.

Purchasing Kosher chicken from Jewish farmers’ markets also gives you a better price and high-quality meat products.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

Some grocery stores and supermarkets, especially the large ones, also provide Kosher chicken.

You can check it in Walmart, Trader Joe’s, or Costco.

Head to the nearest branches of these reputable supermarkets in your area to check Kosher chicken availability.

3. Online retailers

Amazon or eBay also offer Kosher chicken.

Additionally, many supermarkets that we mentioned above have their own websites that sell their products online, so you can choose to buy Kosher chicken from them via their websites instead of going to the stores.

When shopping for meat online, remember to read other customer reviews to make sure they’ve all had great experiences at these online retailers.


The best Kosher chicken can be found at places where the chickens are slaughtered in accordance with Kosher law.

And, if you want some for your kitchen, just head on over to a local grocery store or Jewish farmers market and grab yourself one of these packages marked “Kosher”.

They might also have many types of Kosher meat, including pork, lamb, veal, and beef for you to choose from and we can assure high-quality standards all around.

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