Where To Buy Hormone Free Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Most of us are more conscious of the importance of eating healthy food, that’s why hormone-free chicken is one of the sought-after types of meat now.

It can be difficult to find hormone-free chicken on the market but don’t worry, this blog post will guide you on where to buy hormone-free chicken no matter where you live in the United States.

What is hormone-free chicken?

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Hormone-free chicken, as the name implies, is chicken that is raised without using additional hormones.

Hormones are naturally released in the body of humans as well as castles and poultries.

They interfere in almost all processes in a living organism, and help coordinate functions, like promoting growth and development, emotions, or sleep.

However, many farmers, when raising chickens or other animals, tend to add extra hormones to chicken feed as a way to increase the bird’s size and weight.

These chemicals are said to cause certain cancer and disrupt our natural hormonal balance.

Therefore, a lot of people are on a hunt for hormone-free chicken so that they will not only eat tasty chicken dishes but also eat healthier.

How many calories are in hormone-free chicken?

Hormone-free chicken is usually raised cage-free, making it leaner and providing fewer calories than conventionally-raised chicken.

However, the exact number of calories in hormone-free chicken actually depends on the cut of chicken.

For example, chicken breast is leaner and has lower calories than the dark meat part like a chicken thigh.

In general, a serving size of four ounces of hormone-free chicken delivers 160 to 180 calories.

Hormone-free chicken is also a rich source of protein and many other essential nutrients that benefit our health.

How to choose the best hormone-free chicken?

There are some tips that will help you choose the best hormone-free chicken.

Just make sure to apply these tips when shopping for this type of meat so that you can always have the real hormone-free chicken in your kitchen that is tasty and clean.

1. Look for chicken that is labeled “Raised without Hormones” with a USDA logo

Hormone-free chicken needs to be certified by USDA before reaching consumers.

Therefore, to make sure that you can buy real hormone-free chicken, look for the package with the USDA label that says “hormone-free” or “raised without hormones”.

2. Choose your favorite cut

The hormone-free chicken comes in different cuts like chicken breasts, chicken thighs, or chicken wings.

Chicken thighs and chicken wings will be more flavorful than the white meat part like chicken breast but are also fattier.

Moreover, consider whole cuts or ground chicken that works in your recipe.

3. Buy air-chilled hormone-free chicken instead of the frozen counterpart

Air-chilling is a great method to store meat because it helps reduce the water content and keep the meat fresh.

Therefore, you should opt for air-chilled hormone-free chicken instead of frozen chicken because chicken that is improperly frozen is likely to lose some key nutrients.

Where to buy hormone-free chicken?

Hormone-free chicken could not be widely sold on the market in the past few years, but today, this type of meat is spread to different parts of the world, including the United States.

Here are some places where you can purchase hormone-free chicken without much fuss:

1. Local butcher or farmer’s market

The best place to look for chicken without hormones is at a reliable butcher shop or a farmer’s market.

It is ideal to visit the farm and buy the chicken directly from the farmer.

By doing this, you can have an in-depth understanding of their chicken, such as its origin and how it is raised.

Buying from local stores is also a good way to support local businesses.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

Hormone-free chicken can also be found in the meat section of some grocery stores and supermarkets across the country.

They can be either air-chilled or frozen, but in small quantities and usually out of stock if you are not fast enough.

3. Online retailers

The good news is you can also order some packages of hormone-free chicken from Amazon, eBay, or some certain supermarkets’ websites.

Remember to read the reviews from other customers to have the best experience when shopping for hormone-free chicken online.


Finding hormone-free chicken can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort.

It’s important to know where to buy hormone-free chicken no matter what part of the United States you’re in, and this blog post has shown you some typical places in which hormone-free chicken is sold.

The best place to look for high-quality hormone-free chicken is at a local butcher or an organic store.