Where To Buy Ground Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

This post is about what food is a good substitute for ground beef if one has dietary restrictions or wants a healthier option.

Ground chicken is what we are talking about and what you are looking for.

We will show you where to buy ground chicken so you won’t ever have to worry about running this ingredient out of stock.

What is ground chicken?

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Ground chicken, as its name implies, is the chicken that is minced into small pieces by a meat grinder.

It is used as an ingredient and is a great alternative for conventional ground pork or beef.

Ground chicken can be made of any cut of chicken, such as white meat like breast, dark meat like thigh, or a mixture of both, normally without skin.

It can be used to make things such as the fillings for tacos, hamburgers, and sandwiches.

Store-bought ground chicken is raw and doesn’t need to be cleaned.

You can add it directly to a variety of dishes.

The reason why ground chicken is a greater substitute for ground red meat like pork and beef is that chicken has less fat and cholesterol.

It is high in protein content which will keep you feeling full longer without feeling guilty about what you have just eaten.

How many calories are in ground chicken?

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The calories found in the ground chicken are just the same as other cuts of raw chicken.

The way the chicken is processed will not determine the number of calories, but the chicken cut itself.

For example, chicken breasts are lower in fat and higher in protein, so they will deliver more calories than the dark meat section like thighs.

However, in general, ground chicken will be a bit lower in calories because it contains no fat from the skin.

The serving size of 100 grams of ground chicken (3.5 ounces) will averagely provide us with 121 calories.

Like other types of chicken, ground chicken is also a rich source of protein, B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and selenium.

How to choose the best ground chicken?

Ground chicken is a perfect substitute for ground beef because it is more economical and lower in calories and cholesterol.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the flavor.

With the following tips, you can choose the best ground chicken that is not only healthy but also tasty.

1. Look for ground chicken that is moist

Perdue Farms Ground Chicken Breast, 1 lb

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Either watery or dry ground chicken is not a good option to stick with.

You should look for ground chicken that is moist with a glowy look, but there is no liquid in the package of ground chicken though.

This can make sure that your chicken is fresh and properly stored.

2. Consider types (white meat is lower in calories while dark meat is fattier)

As already mentioned, ground chicken can be made from any cut of chicken, either white meat, dark meat, or both.

Therefore, depending on your preference for the taste and nutrients, just choose what you prefer.

3. Look for a package with at least 90% of the product being meat, not fat or fillers

Ground meat usually contains meat filler, which is called pink slime.

However, it appears more in ground pork and beef rather than ground chicken because ground chicken is whiter in color.

You still need to read the package of the product to check for its ingredients.

It is best to opt for ground chicken with at least 90% meat.

Where to buy ground chicken?

Ground chicken is widely sold on the market.

You don’t need to buy the entire chicken or cut and grind it yourself at home.

Look for processed ground chicken in the following places so you can save time for shopping.

1. Local butcher or farmer’s market

The best place to buy high-quality and fresh ground chicken is at a local butcher shop or farmer’s market.

Buying from these places is also a way to support local businesses and get a better price.

If they don’t have any left, you can look for ground chicken in the next suggested places.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

In the meat section of most grocery stores or supermarkets in the country, you can find a variety of brands of ground chicken, normally air-chilled.

There will be different types of ground chicken, such as meatballs or patties.

3. Online

Perdue Farms Ground Chicken Breast, 1 lb

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The good news for people who don’t have time to go shopping for ground chicken is that this ingredient is available online.

You can order a package of ground chicken on Amazon, eBay, or websites of certain meat stores or supermarkets in America like Walmart.com or Costco.com.


In conclusion, ground chicken is ideal for those who want to save some money as well as look for a healthier option to keep their weight in line.

With the list of places that we have compiled above, you can easily buy a package of ground chicken (from a meat store, supermarket, or Amazon) for your next BBQ party.

There has never been a better time to switch over from traditional hamburgers or hot dogs with red meat involved.

Happy shopping and cooking!