Where To Buy Live Chicken Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Have you ever thought of raising some chickens in your backyard and then slaughter them when they are ready or getting fresh eggs every day?

After reading this article, you can find buying live chickens a great idea for many reasons.

Let’s figure it out!

What is live chicken?

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Live chickens refer to chickens that are alive.

Raising chicken can benefit in many ways.

For example, you can raise chicken for eggs or meat so that you don’t need to go out to shop for chicken eggs or any cut of chicken for your dinner.

A hen can lay an egg every 25 hours, so if you cannot consume all those eggs, you can even sell them to earn some money.

But the best part is you can get fresh eggs for your family’s diet and no need to worry about the quality of store-bought eggs out there.

Live chickens can be raised for meat too.

Raising chicken is relatively simple and it is a quick process from baby chickens until they are ready to be slaughtered (averagely two months).

You can start with a great breed of chicken that is reputable for its premium meat quality, such as Brahma chicken, Sussex chicken, or Buckeye so that you will not only have fresh but also high-quality chicken meat.

It might take some effort, but it is generally more economical and safer than the one that you buy on the market.

And you can believe it or not, many people raise chickens as their pets, just like dogs or cats.

For these people, chicken might not be included in their diets.

How many calories are in live chicken?

6 Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs

Typically, they don’t count calories in live chicken, but in chicken that is slaughtered and sold on the market, or cooked in a dish.

If you raise live chickens in a humane way with a proper and organic diet, their meat chicken is likely to be lower in calories because it is leaner.

How to choose the best live chicken?

Buying live chickens might be a hassle because they are covered with a thick layer of feathers.

However, with the following tips, you can choose the best live chickens for backyard coops.

1.   Be sure to buy baby live chicken from a reputable supplier

Live chickens can be bought from many sources, so you have a variety of options to stick with.

However, you need to choose a reputable supplier (based on your friends’ suggestions or you can do some research on your own).

2.   Make sure you are buying healthy chicks

When buying live chickens, you should look for healthy chicks with shiny feathers and brightly colored comb, not ones with feathers missing or limping around.

A heavy chicken doesn’t mean it is healthy, that’s why buying live chickens from a reliable supplier will make it easier for you to choose healthy chickens from the inside out.

3.   Check for redness around the eyes, the beak of the chicken

Another tip to choose the best live chicken is checking if there are any red spots around the eyes and beak of the chicken.

Chicken eyes should be clear and shiny, not those with swelling and dull eyes.

4.   Feel the chicken’s breastbone with your fingers

Chicken’s breastbone should be firm and not spongy.

This is also an identification of a healthy chicken.

Use your fingers to slightly press on the chicken breast to see how firm the chicken is.

5.   Consider a good breed of chicken

There will be hundreds of options for you to choose from when it comes to chicken breeds.

Therefore, you should determine what you want about the chicken, as such you can have the right choice about the breed of chicken you are raising.

For example, some are better for producing eggs, while some have greater meat.

Where to buy live chicken?

This must be a new topic for many of us, for those who have just only bought chicken meat from a supermarket.

Don’t worry, if you want to buy live chickens, look for them in the following places:

1.   Local farms

6 Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs

This is the best place where you can go to buy live chickens and add them to your homestead.

You can also get a better price for the chickens from local farms, in which chicken breeds that are suitable for your climate are raised.

2.   Mail order

It is quite interesting that you can even order some live baby chickens online through a chick hatchery.

They might have some rare breeds that you cannot find elsewhere.

Cackle Hatchery, Freedom Ranger Hatchery, or My Pet Chicken are some of the typical online suppliers where you can purchase live chicks.

3.   Shelter

Call around to check for your local shelters to see if they carry chickens or not.

Besides dogs, cats, chickens, and other livestock animals are looking for new homes.

Then you can decide to raise them for meat, eggs, or as your pets.


This article has provided you with some reasons why buying live chickens is a great idea.

If you’re wondering which option might be the best for your backyard, it can depend on what breed of bird you prefer to raise and how much time you have available.

Good luck with your choice!