Where To Buy Ground Beef Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

If you are wondering where to buy ground beef for your next BBQ party, the good news is ground beef is widely sold on the market.

Before figuring out what places you can find ground beef, let’s learn more about this ingredient and the tips to choose the best ground beef that no one can resist.

What is ground beef?

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Ground beef, as the name implies, is the beef that has been ground up into tiny pieces by a meat grinder.

It is a common staple in many kitchens throughout the country.

Ground beef can be used to make pasta, sloppy joes, tacos, or burgers.

Ground beef can be made from any cut, but some of the most popular beef cuts are chuck, round, sirloin, and brisket with some trim of fat to help prevent it from being too dry.

Instead of buying the whole big cut, slicing, then grinding yourself, now you can easily buy a package of ground beef that is ready to be used in your recipe.

The store-bought ground beef usually has a strip-like appearance because of the shape of holes where the meat comes out after being ground.

However, you can use a spoon and easily mix it up to form nicely ground beef.

Sometimes, some additional ingredients or seasonings are included in the store-bought ground beef depending on the manufacturer and what kind of ground beef you are looking for.

How many calories are in ground beef?

Ground beef, just like other cuts of beef, is pretty high in calories.

Normally, the perfect ratio of lean meat and fat in ground beef is 70% lean meat and 30% fat.

Accordingly, 100 grams of ground beef that is made of this ratio of muscle and fat will provide us with 332 calories.

The number of calories can vary depending on this ratio, and for your information, one gram of fat will contain more calories than one gram of protein.

That means if you expect your ground beef is a bit lower in calories, you should only look for the leaner mixture with less fat.

How to choose the best ground beef?

The selection process is crucial because it will decide if you and your family can have the best ground beef to enjoy or not.

So here are some tips from us to help you choose the best ground beef on the market:

1. Look for ground beef that has a dark red color and looks fresh

Beef is a kind of red meat, so it will have a dark reddish color when being fresh.

If the meat is stale, you can notice there is a slight discoloration (browner and paler).

The fresh ground beef should also have a smooth texture and the meat looks glowy and sticks with each other.

2. Choose your favorite ratio of lean meat and fat

Normally, on the label of the package of ground beef, you will find the information on the percentage of lean meat and fat in ground beef.

If you want something with less fat to lower your cholesterol intake, you should opt for leaner ground beef.

However, some people prefer the fattier version because it is much richer and juicier.

3. Avoid ground beef that is pre-seasoned or has preservatives in it

Some brands offer seasoned ground beef, or they even add a small number of preservatives to the mixture.

You should buy the fresh ground beef without any seasonings or additives to marinate the meat yourself with your favorite spices as well as ensure the quality of the beef and your family’s health.

Where to buy ground beef?

Ground beef is very popular.

Therefore, it is not a problem to look for this meaty ingredient out there, no matter where you live.

Check out the best places to buy ground beef below and you will always have some available in your kitchen.

1. Local butcher

At a local butcher shop, you can even ask them to grind the meat right in the store with your desired ratio of lean meat and fat.

The freshest ground beef will be done in minutes and sold at a reasonable price.

If they are just out of stock, look for ground beef in the following place.

2. Grocery stores or supermarkets

You will have a variety of beef cuts, including ground beef in the meat section in any grocery store or supermarket in the country.

They even have some higher-quality beef so that you can buy the organic ground beef which will result in better texture and flavor, but at a higher price.

3. Online

Many sellers allow their customers to buy ground beef online on different shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay and from a website of a meat store.


Ground beef is a staple in many cuisines and dishes, but you still need to carefully choose the proper ground beef for your next meal that will not disappoint anyone.

You can purchase this kind of meat locally or in the center of the town in a large chain supermarket.

Ground beef is also available online so whenever you want to make your burger, it is easy and convenient to buy some ground beef just through your phone.

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