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7 Places to Buy Beef Fat for Deer Processing: Your Ultimate Guide!

When it comes to cooking venison, many people prefer leaving as it is, while others think it is best to add some fat to the mixture.

One of the most common ingredients for deer processing is beef fat, or beef suet besides porkback fatt or a fatty cut like pork belly.

So what is actually beef fat for venison and where you can buy it to make your ground venison much richer and flavorful? You will have your answers after reading this article.

Now, let’s check it out!

What is beef fat for deer processing?

Beef fat for deer processing, or beef fat for venison, is the fat from any part of the cow that is used to add to the mixture of ground venison.

Since venison is much leaner than beef, therefore, it is considered a healthier kind of red meat.

However, due to its higher muscle content, sometimes, people feel it lacks the fatty and rich taste that is only obtained by having an adequate amount of fat in it.

This is why they are likely to add fat when grinding venison.

It can be pork back fat, beef suet, lard, or even butter oil.

But since beef tastes closest to venison, adding beef fat seems to be an ideal option.

You can ask the butcher to trim the fat from any cut of beef because the flavor is rarely different.

By adding beef fat to the venison mixture, you can achieve juicier and richer meat that is perfect for any dish, from meatball to burger or sausages.

 The perfect ratio of venison meat and beef fat can vary from person to person, but it can be 90-10, 80-20, or 70-30.

How many calories are in beef fat for deer processing?

Beef fat is pretty high in calories.

Normally, a tablespoon (about 13 grams) of beef fat will provide 115 calories, which are all from fat.

However, since you will only need about two to three tablespoons of beef fat to add to your ground venison, the total calories are at the medium level, about 230 to 345 calories.

The more beef fat you use, the more calories the mixture will provide.

So if you just want to make the venison less leaner and dry, you can control the calorie intake by adding only 10% of fat.

How to choose the best beef fat for deer processing?

Choosing beef fat to add to your venison will not only add texture for the mixture but also a bit of beefy flavor to it.

Therefore, you need to carefully choose the beef fat to make sure that it won’t spoil the best ground venison.

Here are what to consider when shopping for beef fat:

1. Buy beef fat from a reputable butcher

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There is a high chance that you could buy stale beef fat at low quality on the market because this fatty cut is usually improperly stored.

Therefore, you should look for it at a reputable butcher to ensure the quality of the beef fat.

A pasture-raised cow will produce better meat and fat although this kind of beef is usually leaner and doesn’t have as much fat.

2. Choose beef fat that is white and has a firm texture without any weird smell

Regarding the beef fat itself, you should choose the fat that has a white color without any discoloration (like gray or black spots on it).

In addition, the fresh beef fat should not have any stale or unpleasant odor at all.

When giving it a touch, the texture should be firm and dense.

3. Consider beef suet or tallow

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You can also choose between beef suet, which is firm and dense, or the beef lard, or called tallow which can be safe at room temperature to add to your ground venison.

How to grind deer meat with beef fat?

There are different ways to grind deer meat, and each method may vary slightly depending on the type of grinder you’re using.

However, in general, you’ll want to start by cutting your deer meat into small, manageable pieces.

Then, you’ll slowly feed the pieces into the grinder, being careful not to overload it.

As the deer meat grinds, you can add chunks of beef fat to help lubricate the process.

Once all of the deer meat has been ground, you can season it as desired and use it in any recipe that calls for ground beef.

In general, grinding your own deer meat at home is a great way to ensure that you’re getting high-quality meat that hasn’t been exposed.

Where to buy beef fat for deer processing?

Beef fat is not that popular like other meat cuts, it is sometimes even discarded.

However, it is not very hard to find this fatty cut on the market.

1. Local butcher

The best and easiest place to buy beef fat is at the local butcher shop or farmers’ market.

In case they don’t have any, you can even ask them ahead to save the best beef fat from another cow for you.

If possible, buy the pasture-raised beef fat to a better taste.

2. Grocery store or supermarket

You can also buy beef fat at grocery stores or supermarkets.

From a local one to a large chain one, beef fat can be sold at either the fresh or frozen versions.

However, the price for beef fat in these places will be a bit higher than in the local butcher shop.

3. Online

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When it comes to buying beef fat from online platforms, you can buy beef tallow rather than beef suet because it is easier to store and transport.


Ground venison is a popular food for hunters.

You can create a variety of delicious dishes from this ingredient.

However, the key to make the venison dish moist and juicier is adding beef fat to the mixture.

Luckily, you can buy beef fat in many places across America, but the best place to buy high-quality beef fat is at a reliable butcher shop.

Good luck with your choice!

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