5 Places To Find Green Circle Chicken

where to buy green circle chicken

If you have desired to try Green Circle chicken, you’re in luck.

These birds are raised in an environmentally friendly way, free of antibiotics and hormones.

But where can you buy them? Here’s what you need to know about this organic poultry brand.

What is Green Circle chicken?

Green Circle Chicken is a certification that guarantees chickens are raised more humanely.

These chickens are raised with access to fresh air, sunlight, and ample space.

They also receive fewer or no antibiotics than conventional chicken farms do.

They are grown on American farms, raised by American farmers, and processed and packaged in American factories.

These chickens are processed in a facility near the farms where they’re raised.

The resulting whole chicken is air-chilled, which is a method that keeps them cool throughout the entire process.

This means the chicken is not dunked into freezing water or scalding hot tanks; instead, they’re chilled by air alone.

Because Green Circle chickens have not been subjected to the stressful conditions of conventional chicken farms, their meat has a more robust flavor, and their skin is easier for processors to work with—leading to better yields in the end.

Except for the difference in the way the chicken is raised and processed, which leads to a better texture and flavor, there is no difference in the cooking process.

Green Circle chicken can be cooked in various ways like other whole chicken, but roasting is the most popular method when it comes to cooking a whole bird.

What to consider when shopping for Green Circle chicken?

Green Chicken is sold at a higher price than its conventional counterpart, so it should be worth the price.

It is essential to buy an authentic product so you won’t waste money on low-grade chicken.

When shopping for Green Circle chicken, you should look for the Green Circle logo.

However, the logo can be counterfeited; therefore, it is a wise choice to look for this type of poultry from a reputable store where you can believe in their products.

When examining the product and its packaging and labeling, make sure there are no major red flags, such as rot or discoloration, anywhere on it.

Those would indicate contamination with pathogens like E.

coli or salmonella bacteria, and there shouldn’t be any water inside an air-chilled chicken.

Although you can trust Green Circle chicken, chances are the packages of chicken are spoiled during storage and transportation.

Therefore, it is still necessary to check the condition of the chicken before paying.

Also, check the size of the chicken to have proper consumption.

Green Circle chicken means a whole chicken, and you might only need some parts of it and freeze the others for later use.

If you live in a big family, buying a whole chicken can be a good way to save money.

Where to buy Green Circle chicken?

If you want to buy Green Circle chicken, it is available at the following locations:

Butcher shops

If you’re looking to buy Green Circle chicken, there’s a good chance that your local butcher shop is the best place for you to look.

Butcher shops are a great source of locally-raised meat and often have a wide variety of options that are hard to come by elsewhere.

They also tend to be more affordable than other sources because they’re not going through the same middlemen as other sellers.

Farmers’ markets

We all know that the meat sold in farmers’ markets is usually free-range and out of hormones or antibiotics.

Therefore, you can find Green Circle chickens at farmers’ markets across the country.

Farmers’ markets are a great way to support local farmers and get fresh, high-quality produce—and they’re also a great place to find local meat producers with the same values as we do.

If you can’t find them at the market, ask the organizers if there are other options nearby.

Grocery stores

Green Circle chicken is available at most grocery stores.

You can find Green Circle chicken in the meat section of your local grocery store.

If you’re looking for a specific grocery store, check out their website or call them directly to see if they carry Green Circle chicken.


You can also find Green Circle chicken at several local supermarkets, such as Whole Foods and Kroger, as well as smaller chains like Trader Joe’s.

The price for this poultry in supermarkets is likely to be higher than in other places, but their customer service is usually better.

There are many product departments in a supermarket, so you can easily find whatever you want for your recipe.


You can also buy Green Circle chicken online from a number of retailers.

We recommend checking out Amazon, which has a large selection of products from various brands.

Online shopping saves you a lot more time traveling to the store, but be a wise customer by reading others’ reviews; you will be thankful for them.


In conclusion, there are many more options for where you can buy Green Circle chicken.

We recommend going to a grocery store or farmer’s market and asking if they sell it.

If not, then try looking online, as there are lots of sites that offer this product at an affordable price!

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