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Who Wins? Korean Or American Fried Chicken? Pick Your Winner Here!

American fried chicken is a dish that has been around for many years.

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It was originally created in the Southern United States and remains popular there to this day.

Korean fried chicken is also a dish that dates back decades, originating from Korea.

The two types of dishes are very similar but have some distinct differences as well.

This blog post will compare Korean and American fried chickens to determine which type tastes better.

What is special about Korean fried chicken?

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Korean fried chicken is a dish that has been enjoyed in Korea for centuries.

It predates the existence of KFC, and it’s quite different from what you can find at your nearest fast-food restaurant.

Korean fried chicken uses soy sauce as opposed to American-style buttermilk or Japanese Worcestershire sauce, and it also often includes garlic powder, onion powder, ginger paste, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and sometimes sugar.

What is special about American fried chicken?

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American fried chicken is quite different from other types of fried chicken.

It has a crispy coating and is usually served with the skin on, which creates a nice crunch.

Unlike European-style frying methods that use vegetable or peanut oil, American-style frying uses butter or lard to create an extra crispy crust.

What are the differences between Korean fried chicken vs American fried chicken?

Korean Fried Chicken is different from American fried chicken in many ways.

The table below will give you some insight into these differences.

 Korean fried chickenAmerican fried chicken
TextureKorean fried chicken is typically smaller, thinner, and less crispy than American fried chickenAmerican fried chicken has a crispier texture than Korean fried chicken
Fat contentKorean fried chicken is usually much lower in fat content because they fry their chicken in vegetable oil.Americans use lard or shortening to fry, so American fried chicken is fatter.
SeasoningThe seasoning in Korean fried chicken includes sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepperAmerican fried chicken only contains salt and pepperFrying temperatureThe frying temperature of Korean fried chicken is lower than American style fried chickenAmerican fried chicken is fried at a higher temperature than Korean fried chicken.
PriceOne piece of Korean fried chicken will cost you around 1,000 won ($1), which is significantly cheaper than American fried chickenAmerican fried chicken cost about $6-8 dollars per piece in the US

What are the similarities between Korean fried chicken vs American fried chicken?

Both Korean and American fried chicken is delicious.

In addition to the above differences, they still have some similarities, such as:

1. Both the American and Korean versions are deep-fried

Korean fried chicken is typically deep-fried in soy sauce and garlic marinade, while American fried chicken can be crispy or fluffy.

Both Korean fried chicken and American Fried Chicken are deep-fried; However, the two have some significant differences that set them apart vernacularly.

2. They both have a crispy, crunchy exterior

American and Korean fried chickens differ in their crusty exterior.

One has a crunchier, more crispy texture with an oily surface while the other is lighter on oil but still flavorful.

3. Both types of fried chicken can be served with fries or coleslaw; sauce

Both Korean fried chicken and American fried chicken can be served with fries or coleslaw; sauce.

The difference is that the former offers soy, garlic-chili paste, ginger root powder, white vinegar as its basic seasoning while the latter relies primarily on salt for flavoring purposes.

Which one is better?

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Each type of fried chicken has its own unique taste, but if you had to choose one, Korean fried chicken would be a great place to start.

The crispy and sweet exterior is complemented by the juicy meat inside that’s reminiscent of KFC from back in the day.

It may not be as greasy or as salty as American-fried chicken, but it still packs plenty of flavor for those who love deep-frying their food!

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