Where To Buy Free Range Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

We are all aware of the health benefits associated with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, many people have trouble finding organic and high-quality meat, especially pork.

In this article, we will learn about free-range pork and see how it differs from the regular pork that comes from pigs raised on commercial farms.

And if you don’t know where to buy free-range pork, you can find the information in the bottom section as well.

What is free-range pork?

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Free-range pork is a type of meat that comes from pigs that have the freedom to roam around.

The USDA defines this as any breed of pig that has access to pasture or range land, and does not live in close quarters with other animals.

What’s more, these pigs are raised without antibiotics or hormones which means they are treated humanely and fed an all natural diet.

Free-range pork is considered healthier for consumers because it provides higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids than conventionally produced pork products, and with a more flavorful taste.

One downside of free-range meat though is that it can be less tender than conventional meats because it is leaner and also more expensive.

How many calories are in free-range pork?

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The number of calories found in free-range pork can vary from cut to cut.

However, in general, free-range pork will provide a similar amount of calories to our body.

The average would be around 200 calories per 100 grams of pork, but including less calories from fat than regular commercially-raised pork.

Free-range is also a rich source of protein and some essential nutrients for our health, such as B-vitamins, iron, and zinc.

Since it contains less fat, free-range pork is ideal for people who want to cut down the fat intake to increase muscle and lose weight.

How to choose the best free-range pork?

Free-range pigs are raised in a friendly way, without stress, cages, or shelters.

As a result, they produce higher-quality meat.

Let’s see what to consider to choose the best free-range pork on the market:

1.   Buy free-range pork from a reputable store

Free-range pork is not always available on the market like the conventional counterpart.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you get what you pay for.

It would be best if you know a reputable butcher shop that sells meat with clear and reliable sources so that you can purchase real free-range pork here.

2.   Consider types of free-range pork

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Sometimes free-range pork is available as processed meat like salt, cured, or smoked bacon rather than fresh cuts.

So in case you cannot find a good cut of fresh free-range pork, consider changing your plan that calls for processed free-range pork instead, and vice versa.

There are always a variety of delicious recipes for you to cook with these ingredients.

Where to buy free-range pork?

Free-range pork is not really hard to find if you know where to buy it.

Here are some places where you can buy free-range pork at a reasonable price.

1.   Butcher shops

There are some reputable specialized butcher shops that sell different kinds of pork besides the factory farmed pork.

You can find some rare breeds of pork, as well as organic pork like free-range pork sold in these shops.

The great thing when shopping for meat cuts from a butcher shop is that the price is very budget-friendly.

2.   Supermarkets

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Waitrose and Partners is one of a few supermarkets offering free-range pork.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find free-range pork at other suppliers, they just have fewer quantities and if you are not fast enough, there is a high chance that there is nothing in stock.

In addition, other processed products from free-range pork are likely to be more common in most supermarkets or grocery stores, so take a look and buy some if you change your mind.


Free-range pork is a great option for those who want to eat organic meat but are struggling with the expensive price tag.

If you don’t know where to buy free-range pork, we hope this article has helped you.

Although there are not too many places selling this kind of ethical pork, you can still find some at Waitrose & Partners, or several butcher shops.

Now go enjoy some delicious food without guilt because it was raised ethically from start to finish!