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7 Surprising Places to Find the Best Beef Tenderloin: Your Mouth Will Water!

Tenderloin is a cut of beef that can be cooked in many different ways.

A lot of people don’t know how to purchase beef tenderloin, which is a shame because it tastes fantastic.

In this post, we will show you where you can find beef tenderloin in your area and some tips to choose the best one for your meal.

What is beef tenderloin?

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Beef tenderloin is a cut of beef that is popular for its tenderness and flavor.

It comes from the small end of the loin, which is located between the sirloin and rib sections.

Be careful not to confuse it with another cut of beef called filet mignon, which comes from the large end of the loin; even though they have similar names, these two cuts are very different in size and flavor.

Beef tenderloin can be cooked using many methods including grilling or roasting in an oven – whichever method you choose will depend on your personal preference and what type of meat you want to cook.

How much calorie is in beef tenderloin?

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Beef tenderloin is a popular cut of meat that packs a lot of flavor.

It’s also one of the leanest cuts, which makes it an excellent choice for weight loss or people who are trying to maintain their weight.

The calorie count per serving size can vary greatly depending on how it’s cooked and what your meal plan looks like, but you’ll be pleased to know that there are only about 220 calories in each 3 ounce portion!

How to choose the best beef tenderloin?

It’s not always easy for us to know what the best cut is.

Let us help you find the perfect cut for your next cookout with this handy guide.

1. Tips for choosing the best cut of meat- look at color, fat content, and marbling

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There is color, fat content and marbling.

The meat should be a reddish pink with an even distribution of white fat evenly dispersed throughout its thickness.

It’s important to check things like internal temperature and how quickly it cooks because these factors change from cut to cut.

2. Consider the weight of the meat and if it will fit in your oven or not

The best beef tenderloin is the one that will cook at a perfect medium-rare with just enough pink in the center.

To choose your meat, consider weight and oven size to ensure it cooks evenly all around.

3. Look at the cut of meat – is it a single muscle or has it been cross-cut into smaller pieces 

The best beef tenderloin is the one that has a single muscle.

Take note of whether it’s cut into smaller bits or not to make sure you get what you want!

Where to buy beef tenderloin?

Have you been searching for a beef tenderloin to buy?

Well, we have your answer!

We’ve compiled an extensive list of places where you can find the best beef in town.

The perfect meal for any night.

1. Local meat markets

Beef tenderloin is an excellent cut of meat that can be used in many dishes, from stir-fries and sandwiches to roasts.

To find the best beef around town for your cooking needs, take a look at local markets like Lucky’s Market or Albertsons!

2. Grocery stores

Grocery stores are the best place for this.

You can find it on sale in every grocery store, and all they have is top quality pieces of meat!

3. Local butcher shops

Ever wondered where to buy beef tenderloin?

There are many choices for your purchase, including buying it from a butcher shop.

Butcher shops sell meat and cheese that you can’t find anywhere else!

4. Online (Amazon, eBay,…)

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A perfect beef tenderloin is a cut of meat that can be difficult to find.

Luckily, there are several locations online where you may purchase this type of item including Amazon and eBay.


If you want to cook some beef tenderloin for dinner tonight, we hope this article has given you the information and tips needed to find a great cut of meat.

We’ve shown where it can be found in your area as well as how to choose the best one that will taste delicious with any cooking method you decide on.


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