Where To Buy Beef Cheek Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Beef cheeks are a cut of meat that is usually used for braising.

Although this muscle meat is not as popular as other cuts like ribs or briskets, it is a delicacy that is great to serve your family on special occasions.

If you want to get something new to your family menu and look for where to buy beef cheeks, this article will help.

What are beef cheeks?

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Beef cheeks are the muscle that is located between the jaw and the eyes.

They are traditionally used in Mexican cuisine and some parts of Asia and are also gaining popularity in other cuisines.

Since the cow chews a lot, the facial muscle is likely to be tougher than other cuts.

Therefore, beef cheeks are pretty tough and chewy if improperly cooked.

However, it can melt in your mouth when being slow-cooked over low heat with plenty of liquid to keep them moist.

Beef cheeks have a deep and rich flavor, which is close to short ribs.

The good news is they are very affordable compared to other cuts of beef, making them very suitable to serve in a big family’s meal.

How many calories are in beef cheeks?

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Beef cheeks are considered to be relatively high in calories.

There is an average of 276 calories per 100 grams of beef cheeks.

That means you will get about 190 to 200 calories per serving.

This number can vary depending on other ingredients accompanying beef cheeks in your recipes.

Beef cheeks are also rich in other nutrients, such as vitamin B6, B12, calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

To turn your beef cheeks into a completely healthy dish, don’t forget to add more vegetables like carrots and broccoli to the recipes.

How to choose the best beef cheeks?

Beef cheeks can be cooked into many delicious dishes, as long as you have the fresh ingredient.

If you are wondering what to consider when buying beef cheeks, this section will help you.

The key factors below will be crucial whenever you want to buy a package of beef cheeks.

1.    Look for meat that is pink and firm with no bruises or discoloration

The identification that tells whether your beef cheeks are fresh or not is the color and texture of the meat.

Remember to choose the beef cheeks with a pink to pale reddish and a firm texture.

In other words, never buy meat that has any discoloration or bruises on its surface.

A small weird sign on the surface of the beef cheeks can lead to a risk of foodborne illness.

So never underestimate any noticeable indications if you want to buy the best beef cheeks and ensure your health’s safety.

2.    Buy beef cheeks from a reputable butcher

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Even if you can pick a fresh pack of beef cheeks without any bad signs, it would be better to buy them from a reliable source.

Each cow produces a different quality of meat.

Therefore, if that butcher shop is reputable, you are likely to purchase the beef cheek cut from the cow that is raised by healthy methods in a standard environment.

This will definitely result in better beef cheeks.

Where to buy beef cheeks?

Beef cheeks are not popular, but not a rare cut.

Therefore, it is possible for you to buy this beef cut in the city or around your area. Below are two common places where you can find beef cheeks being sold there:

1.    Butcher shops

The ideal place to buy any fresh cut of a cow or other animals is at a butcher shop.

You can ask the butcher to trim any fat around the beef cheeks that you don’t want to use in your dish before bringing them home.

Don’t forget to opt for a reputable butcher so that you are able to purchase beef cheeks that are cut from a healthy cow.

2.    Supermarkets

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With a little luck, you can have beef cheeks on the meat shelves waiting for you.

Why do we say that?

Because not all grocery stores or supermarkets sell beef cheeks.

Since this ingredient is more popular in Asian cuisine, try looking for this beef cut in the supermarkets located in the Asian streets in your country so you will have more chances to buy beef cheeks here.

Some supermarkets also offer online shopping, therefore, you can sit right on your couch but are still able to order a package of fresh beef cheeks via the website of that supermarket.


Beef cheeks are a cut of meat that is usually used for braising.

They are affordable and delicious enough to satisfy even the pickiest person.

You can purchase beef cheeks from butcher shops, or Whole Foods Market.

They both offer grass-fed and grain-fed beef cheek options that will make any meal memorable.

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