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7 Secret Places to Buy Beef Blood: You Won’t Believe Where You Can Find It!

While beef is one of the most common meats consumed worldwide, beef blood is a delicacy in only certain cultures.

So if you are curious about beef blood as human food and where to buy it, this article will give you more information.

What is beef blood used for?

Beef blood is simply the blood of the cow.

It is a byproduct of the slaughtering process that’s composed of proteins, minerals, and iron.

Although most of the time, beef blood is discarded, it actually has many uses.

It can be used as animal food, human food, and in the formulation of additives, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers.

When it comes to cooking beef blood, it is often used in blood sausage (blood pudding) or can be boiled down to create a thick dish that is eaten directly or added to other dishes.

It can even be eaten raw in some places in Asia.

But don’t get me wrong, they won’t likely drink the blood straightly.

If properly prepared, beef blood will transfer from the liquid consistency to a thick and jelly-like form, which is eaten directly with some additional herbs and spices.

What to consider when buying beef blood?

Although beef blood is a good source of certain minerals, it is easily contaminated and spoiled.

Therefore, there are a few things to consider when buying beef blood.

The first is that you want to go with the freshest possible product, not something that’s been sitting around for a while.

This means purchasing from a local rancher or farmer who raises their animals humanely and uses grass rather than grains in their feed.

You’ll also want to make sure that the beef cattle didn’t receive any antibiotics during its lifetime; because these hormones can remain in the bloodstream for years after treatment ends, it may affect how effective your homemade blood sausage recipe turns out.

Where to buy beef blood?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering where to buy beef blood.

This ingredient is very inexpensive, but it is not always available on the market, especially if you don’t live in an area where people use cow blood as a cooking ingredient.

So, where can you get some blood for the new recipes you wanna try?


You can find beef blood at a slaughterhouse.

There are many slaughterhouses in North America, and if you live in an area where there is a large population of cattle farmers, you may be able to find one near you.

The advantage of buying your blood from a slaughterhouse is that it will be fresh and free from additives.

And they can even give you some for free.

Butcher shops

You can also buy beef blood at some butcher shops.

Look up some local butchers in your area and ask if they have any beef blood that they would be willing to give away—or if they know of any other places that might sell it.

Farmers’ markets

If you’re looking for high-quality beef blood, a farmers’ market is one of the best places to go.

Farmers’ markets are great because they allow you to talk directly with the farmers who grow or raise your food, and you can ask them questions about their products and learn more about their origins.

In addition, many farmers sell other types of foods such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products at their markets as well—so if you need any ingredients for your meal planning or recipes, this is an excellent place to get them!

Chinese or Vietnamese markets

If you’re looking to find beef blood in your neighborhood, the best place to start is at an Asian market.

Beef blood is a popular ingredient in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, so it should be easy to find at a local market.

If you’re not sure where your nearest Asian market is, Google can help you out with that too! Simply search “Asian Market near me” or similar terms and look for stores that sell beef blood.

You’ll want to ensure the store has a good reputation before making any purchases.

Some distributors are known for selling tainted or expired products, so it’s important that they have an established track record of quality control and safety standards.

Asian food stores

If you live in an area with an Asian food store, it may be worth checking out.

You can find raw or cooked beef blood in these places, so buy whatever per your preference.

Some stores even have websites and also carry some cooked beef blood dishes on delivery.


We hope that we have helped you to understand what beef blood is and how it can be used in the kitchen (as well as some things to avoid).

If you are still unsure where best to buy your beef blood or if there is no blood sold in your neighborhood, just remember to ask your butcher!

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