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Where To Buy Beef Consomme For Your Soup!

If you’re craving a dish that has the perfect balance of flavors and spices, beef consomme is just what you need.

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 The traditional French broth can be made in your own kitchen without much fuss.

Otherwise, buying processed beef consomme out there is also an ideal choice because it is much more convenient and time-saving.

Let’s learn more about this beef product and look for where you can buy it.

What is beef consomme?

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Consomme is a clear soup made from boiled meat, vegetables, and herbs.

It’s often served as the first course or during the holidays.

Beef consomme is made by simmering the beef meat and bone for hours to extract all their flavor into the broth.

The consomme is then strained through cheesecloth and cooled so that fat will rise to the top.

When chilled, this layer of fat becomes hard and solidifies on top like a creme patisserie.

Besides being an appetizer, it also makes for a hearty soup course when served with toast points or crackers.

Beef consomme can be made from scratch in your own kitchen with simple ingredients and cooking methods.

However, it can be sold as the processed form in a can or box, which helps you save a lot of time and effort to make this wonderful broth.

How many calories are in beef consomme?

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Beef consomme is ideal for people who want to lose weight because it is low in calories.

On average, a serving size of beef consomme (about 240g) contains only 31 calories.

In estimate, you will need either eight minutes of walking, three minutes running, or four minutes riding with a bicycle to burn off these 31 calories.

Although beef consomme is low which makes you feel no guilt even if you eat too much of it, this soup ingredient should be accompanied by other meat and vegetables to ensure your necessary daily calories and nutrients.

How to choose the best beef consomme?

There are plenty of recipes for you to choose from when it comes to cooking with beef consomme.

However, the resulting dish will only be amazing if you have good ingredients, including beef consomme.

So here are some tips for you when shopping for beef consomme.

1.   Buy beef consomme from reputable brands

When reaching reliable brands that are already too famous for their products, you can feel safer when buying beef consomme from them.

Campbell’s or Heinz are two examples when it comes to canned products, specifically beef consomme.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that all canned goods are packed with additives and a high amount of sodium to preserve the content for a long period of time, so don’t consume it frequently.

2.   The package should have no damage

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Stay away from any can with dents, leaks, or bruises because the quality of the beef consomme inside can be affected by bacteria.

Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the label depending on how long you expect to keep these cans of beef consomme.

3.   The soup should be clear and smells good

This factor can only be checked when you already bring a can of beef consomme home.

There should be no weird smell or discoloration at all, otherwise, you need to discard them no matter if it comes from a famous brand or has no damage to the exterior.

Where to buy beef consomme?

The good news is that beef consomme is relatively popular on the market.

You can almost find it from anywhere in your area.

Here are some places where beef consomme can be purchased no matter where you live.

1.   Supermarkets or grocery stores

Any grocery stores and supermarkets have a section of canned food where you can find canned beef consomme.

There are usually different brands of beef consomme on the shelf, so don’t forget to read the label or ask the seller to choose your favorite one.

2.   Online

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Canned products are easy to transport and store, that’s why it is no surprise that many stores offer the online shopping method.

You can find beef consomme from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, or Walmart as well.

One thing to keep in mind when ordering online is you better check if the package is in good condition or not.


Beef consomme is a traditional French broth that has been made for centuries.

The soup can be prepared in your own kitchen without much fuss, but also comes packaged and processed as well.

The result is always hearty, healthy, and very tasty.

Whether you’re craving some dishes that call for beef consomme, there are many places where you can buy this amazing ingredient, from local to online stores.

Good luck with your choice!

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