4 Best Pork For Pies: What Makes The Best Pork Pies?

pork for pie

Pork pies come in different shapes and sizes, but one thing in common is that they have a good pork meat filling.

So what cut of pork is best for making pork pies?

This article will show you how to make a scrumptious homemade pork pie by choosing a good cut of pork.

Let’s check it out!

How to choose pork for pies?

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Making pork pies at home is a great way to save money and try out different recipes.

While you might think that any type of pork will work for pies, there are actually different types of pork you can choose from.

Here are our tips to choose the best pork for your next pie recipe:

1.     Don’t choose a pork cut with a lot of fat for pies

The reason why you shouldn’t opt for a too fatty cut of pork for making pies is that the fat will be rendered while baking and make the crust a bit soggy and greasy.

Meanwhile, if you choose a lean cut of pork without any fat, your pork pie filling might end up a bit dry and tough.

Therefore, the best cut of pork for pies is a well-marbled one or a mixture of lean meat with some additional fat trims.

2.     Make sure the meat is fresh with light pink color and without a weird odor

The second thing to keep in mind when shopping for pork for pies is that the meat should always be fresh instead of frozen.

Frozen meat, after being thawed, often comes with a milder taste and even loses some nutrients if it is improperly defrosted.

When you go shopping for pork, make sure to look for a cut with a soft tender, light pink color, and has no sign of spoilage.

3.     Buy a high-quality cut of pork for a better result

If you want to elevate your pork pie to a new level, it’s time to think about buying organic pork.

Organic pork refers to the meat that is produced from the pigs that are raised without antibiotics, hormones, and fed an organic diet.

Therefore, this kind of pork has a better texture, taste, and is more nutritious to eat.

No wonder why organic pork is sold at a higher price than the average commercial pork on the market.

4 best pork for pies

We have found the four best pork cuts that can work amazingly in a pork pie recipe.

Let’s check below:

1.     Pork shoulder

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Pork shoulder is an ideal cut for making ground pork, which is the main ingredient for the pork pie’s filling.

Pork shoulder has a good marbling fat content, making it perfect to be ground on its own without being too dry.

The best thing about this cut is that it is very economical so that most people can afford it and add it to their diets.

2.     Pork belly

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You can even use pork belly for making pork pies.

Although we have said that a too fatty cut of pork will not be impressive for pies, pork belly can be a good candidate for this recipe if you can choose a cut that is not too fatty.

You can also trim off the fat on the exterior layer of the pork belly cut so that there is only just sufficient fat for your pies.

3.     Boneless pork chops

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You can also buy boneless pork chops to make pork pies.

When grinding boneless pork chops, it is better to add some fat to the mixture so that it will not be dry and tough when cooked in the oven.

Adding some fat also makes your pork pie’s filling more flavorful.

4.     Pork fillet

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Pork fillet is a higher-quality cut of pork that can be used for pork pies.

This cut is actually pork tenderloin that is cut into small round pieces.

It is prized for its tenderness and can melt in your mouth when properly cooked.

When using pork fillet for pork pies, you will need to grind this cut with or without some additional fat.

Otherwise, it can be roasted and pulled apart into tiny pieces of meat before wrapping the pastry over it.

The bottom line

Now you know how to choose the best pork for pies.

There are several cuts of pork to choose from to make the best pork pies, including pork shoulder, pork belly, pork chops, or pork fillet.

Some people may prefer a lean cut such as pork fillet whereas others like a fattier and richer taste from pork belly.

Therefore, it all depends on your personal preference to choose a good cut of pork for pies.

What pork cut would you use for the next pork pie recipe?

Let us know in the comments below!