The Difference Between Fat Back and Pork Belly: It’s Not What You Think

pork fatback vs belly

Fatback and pork belly sound like the same thing, but they are actually two different cuts of meat.

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If you don’t know who to differentiate these two pork cuts, this article is for you.

Let’s delve into this topic and then you can choose your favorite meat for your dinner.

What is fatback?

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Fatback is a type of pork fat that comes from the back of the pig.

It consists of the layer of adipose tissue under the skin of the back, with or without the skin.

It has been used as an ingredient in many cuisines since ancient times, and it can be traced back to Roman times.

Fatback is often rendered for its tallow or used to make lard, but it can also be eaten raw on crackers or fried like bacon.

What is pork belly?

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Pork belly is a cut of meat found on the underside of the pig, in the belly section.

It is often cooked for long periods of time or roasted.

The fat on the belly not only adds flavor and texture to dishes but also makes the dish more filling.

Pork belly can be found in many Asian recipes such as Korean pork belly soup and grills, Chinese-style braised pork belly, Taiwanese red-braised pork with rice cake, and Japanese ramen noodles.

What are the differences between fatback vs pork belly?

Fatback and pork belly both contain a high amount of fat, but they differ in many ways.

 FatbackPork belly
Pig’s partFrom the back of the pigFrom the belly of the pig
Fat content and textureOnly fat, rarely lean Tougher  Have both the fat and lean layers, but more fat than meat Tender
UseUsually cured and smoked, or render to use the fat as the cooking oilRoasted, fried, grilled, slow-cooked, pulled pork for sandwich fillings, or can be cured to make bacon

What are the similarities between fatback vs pork belly?

This section will feature the similarities between fatback and pork belly.

Let’s check it out!

1. They contain a high amount of fat

This is the reason why fatback and pork belly are usually rendered to take advantage of the fat to cook other ingredients.

But if you are following a low-fat diet, then these two pork cuts are not ideal for you at all.

2. They are often cured with salt and sugar to make bacon

Bacon is usually made from the pork belly or fatback.

You can easily buy the processed pork belly and fatback from any grocery.

The price will vary from where you live, but they are often the same.

Is fatback and pork belly the same thing?

Many people think that fatback and pork belly are the same thing, but they are actually two different types of bacon.

Fatback is made from the fatty deposits on the back of a pig, while pork belly comes from the belly of a pig.

Fatback is high in fat and low in meat, so it is best used for flavoring or as an ingredient in other dishes.

Pork belly is high in fat and meat, so it is best eaten on its own or used as an ingredient in other dishes.

Both fatback and pork belly are delicious options for bacon lovers, so be sure to try both next time you’re looking for a delicious breakfast treat!

Which one is better?

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If you’ve never eaten pork belly or fatback before, then we hope this article has helped clear up any confusion.

Now that you know the difference between these two types of pork cuts and what they are used for in cooking, which makes it easier to make a decision about which cut would best suit your needs.

Whether you want something tasty that can go into tacos like Fatback.

If you prefer bacon with your eggs (pork belly), now is your chance to try out whichever one sounds good to you!