5 Easy Side Dishes That Will Make Your Pork Belly Roast Even More Delish

pork belly roast side dish

Pork belly is a fatty, delicious cut of meat that is perfect for roasting.

It can be a little tricky to know what to serve with pork belly roast, but this post will help you out!

We will give you some ideas for side dishes that will perfectly accompany your roast.

So, what are you waiting for?

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What is pork belly roast?

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Pork belly roast is a delicious dish that calls for pork belly cooked in the oven.

The cut is often marinated with a rub per personal preference and then roasted with the skin layer upside down.

This helps the rendered fat moisten and adds flavor to the meat while roasting to get rid of ending up with a dry and tough dish.

The resulting dish should have a nice crispy golden crust with juicy and tender meat.

Pork belly roast is cooked the whole cut but then sliced into small pieces to enjoy with other side dishes.

This dish is more popular in Asian cooking rather than in the West.

What to consider when choosing a pork belly roast’s side dish?

Pork is a great protein choice that you can prepare easily at home with minimal effort.

Roasted pork belly is a good-tasting dish, but it only works best with a right side dish.

If you have no idea what to look for when choosing a side dish for pork belly roast, here are some factors to consider:

Pork belly roast can be paired with a grain-based side dish or a vegetable one

A grain-based side dish like rice is great to serve with pork belly roast because steamed rice works well with any savory meat-based dish.

It also keeps you fuller without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, a veggie-based side dish can be a good choice too because it provides a refreshing taste and nutrients to make your meal more balanced and healthier.

Consider the cooking time to prepare your dishes

Some side dishes can be done in a few minutes, while others require hours of cooking.

Therefore, consider the cooking time of these pork belly roast’s side dishes and your free time to make sure that all the dishes are ready to be served on the table on time.

5 best side dishes to serve with pork belly roast

Let’s see which side dish among the following suggestions is best to accompany pork belly roast:

1.     Steamed rice

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Steamed rice is the most classic side dish in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese cuisine, served with roasted pork belly.

Normally, white rice is what is commonly used in the recipe because it is affordable, easy to find on the market, and has a mild flavor that pairs well with the savory pork belly roast.

Steamed rice is very easy to cook, and all you need is a rice cooker and some water.

The simple result can surprise you with its compatibility with crispy and succulent pork belly roast.

2.     Coleslaw

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Coleslaw is another good accompaniment with pork belly roast.

The refreshing flavor and crunchy texture of coleslaw are great additions to your savory main dish.

The best part is that this side dish can be done in less than five minutes and you can have a delicious and nutritious companion to enjoy with your roasted pork belly.

3.     Baked beans

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If most Asians enjoy their pork belly roast with a bowl of steamed rice, Westerners use baked beans instead.

Baked beans are a common side dish to enjoy with a meat dish.

This side has a slightly sweet and earthy flavor to offset the salty and savory taste of meat.

Beans are affordable and they are packed with many essential nutrients that benefit our health in many ways.

So this option will be a great choice in different criteria.

4.     Pickles

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You can also serve your pork belly roast with pickles for a balanced meal.

The sour and salty taste of pickles makes it perfect to eat with fatty pork belly.

Pickles can be made from cabbage, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, onion, or radish per your preference.

But the resulting dish always has a crunchy texture and a pleasantly sour taste.

5.     Roasted vegetables

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Our last suggestion to serve with pork belly roast is roasted vegetables.

Making your meal healthier by adding roasted vegetables is a good way to achieve a nutritious meal without sacrificing flavors. 

The bottom line

Who doesn’t love the crunchy and juicy roasted pork belly?

And if you ever wanted something which complements this fatty cut while still feeling light and fresh, hopefully, this article has done its job.

With the list of the five best side dishes to serve with your pork belly roast, you will never end up with a greasy appetite.

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