6 Side Dishes To Make Your Mexican Pulled Pork Better

mexican pulled pork side dish

Pulled pork is a staple in many cuisines, including Mexican cuisine.

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Mexican pulled pork is a delicious dish, plus, there are endless ways to serve it up.

If you are wondering what to serve with this dish, the six following ideas in this article can help.

Read on to learn more!

What is Mexican pulled pork?

Mexican pulled pork is a popular dish that is not only favored in Mexico but also in many parts of the world.

It is also often known as pork carnitas.

The pork (often pork shoulder), is slow-cooked for about eight or even 10 hours with chopped onion, jalapeno chili, and other spices like salt, pepper, garlic, orange juice, brown sugar, cumin, oregano, and olive oil to enhance the flavor.

Pork is then shredded (pulled apart) into pieces with two forks or with hands.

Mexican pulled pork has a juicy and tender texture, with a tangy taste that is sure to please everyone.

This dish can be used as the main course or as an ingredient for many other recipes.  

What to consider when choosing a Mexican pulled pork’s side dish?

Although there are many side dishes to serve along with your Mexican pulled pork, it might be overwhelming due to a lot of options.

So here are some tips that can help you choose the right and suitable side dishes to pair with your Mexican pulled pork:

Mexican pulled pork is best to serve with a Mexican side dish

A Mexican pulled pork dish should be paired with a Mexican side dish.

Different Mexican flavors blend well with each other, making your meal more delicious and balanced.

Check if there is any diet restriction among your family members and friends

To make sure that everyone in your family or at your party will be happy with your dishes, check if they have any diet restrictions.

For example, some people have problems with digesting dairy products, or others are following a keto diet.

So just ask them before making the amazing dishes and impress all your guests.

6 best side dishes to serve with Mexican pulled pork

Here are the six Mexican side dishes that will complement your Mexican pulled pork without any fuss:

1. Mexican rice

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Our first suggestion is Mexican rice.

How could it be more suitable to pair these two Mexican dishes, right?

Mexican rice has a vibrant color from tomatoes and a flavorful taste from the spices used in the recipe.

You can adjust the heat level due to the number of spicy ingredients like chili and pepper in your Mexican rice per your preference.

2. Corn tortillas

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You cannot eat like a Mexican without trying tacos.

Mexican pulled pork when served with corn tortillas (as a wrap) will complete a taco in a minute and satisfy your hunger with delicious flavors.

3. Nacho fries

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Another Mexican side dish to accompany your Mexican pulled pork is nacho fries.

These delicious fries can be topped with all of your favorites, from meat to veggies and dairy products.

You can opt for vegetarian ingredients for topping nacho fries because you have enough meat from the main course Mexican pulled pork.

4. Mexican street corn

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Mexican street corn, or corn on the cob, is a great side dish to serve with your Mexican pulled pork.

Having two Mexican dishes on the table is a good way to explore the authentic flavors from this Latin cuisine.

The pleasant sweet and buttery taste of corn on the cob will go perfectly with savory and juicy pork carnitas.

5. Avocado sauce

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Avocado is a staple in Mexican cuisine, so the avocado sauce will be a great side dish to serve with your pork carnitas.

This side dish is easy to make, and the creamy texture with an eye-catching bright green color will be sure to satisfy not only your mouth but also your eyes.

Avocado is also known as a very nutritious ingredient and this fruit also appears in many savory recipes besides desserts.

6.     Salad

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There are many different kinds of salad recipes that can be made in your kitchen without any fuss, and most of them pair well with a meat-based dish.

Since Mexican pulled pork is very flavorful and a bit spicy, it is best to pair it with a salad that has a tangy taste to offset the rich and savory taste of the main course.

The bottom line

Mexican pulled pork is a succulent dish with a flavorful taste.

In general, it pairs perfectly with many other Mexican side dishes, such as corn on the cob, salad, rice, or avocado sauce.

What is your favorite way to serve up this dish?

Let us know which side dish you want to show up with your Mexican pulled pork in the next festy?