Where To Buy Ossabaw Pork Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

As one of the best and rare pasture-raised pork, Ossabaw pork is not easy to find on the market, especially if you live out of the region where it originated.

This blog post will tell you where you can purchase Ossabaw pork as well as explain why this kind of pork is special and of high quality.

What is Ossabaw pork?

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Ossabaw pork refers to the meat from the Ossabaw hogs, which come from the island namesake in the United States.

Ossabaw pigs are a rare breed that is indigenous to Ossabaw Island in Georgia.

They produce some of the most flavorful pork products in all of history.

The hogs take about 18 months before they are ready for consumption-twice as long as other pastured animals, but the result is gonna be worth it.

Ossabaw pork has a deep reddish hue due to an overwhelming amount of antioxidants called anthocyanins.

These also give them those healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and a creamy taste.

This is no wonder why Ossabaw pigs are compared to a “walking olive tree”.

The pigs on the island are not fed any grains or soybeans so their diet consists mostly of roots, nuts, and fruits they find on the island foraging for food.

The pork is lean and succulent fatty, making it a delicacy to chefs all over America, or even those from worldwide to desire to have a cut of it to turn it into a fantastic dish.

How many calories are in Ossabaw pork?

Ossabaw pork has less fat than factory-farmed pork because the pigs are likely to move more frequently without being confined inside the cage or shelters.

This results in the lower amount of calories that Ossabaw pork provides us.

For example, 100 grams of pork generally contain about 250 to 290 calories.

So Ossabaw pork provides an average of 200 calories per 100 grams.

However, this number can vary depending on specific cuts of Ossabaw pork.

However, what people really care about Ossabaw pork is that it is packed with a variety of essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, Vitamins, and protein.

How to choose the best Ossabaw pork?

Choosing Ossabaw pork requires some knowledge about this breed of hogs so that you won’t be fooled by the sellers to pay more and just receive regular pork.

Here are some tips that help you choose the best Ossabaw pork on the market despite the fact that there is not much of this kind of pork for you to buy.

1. Buy Ossabaw pork from a reputable butcher shop

As already mentioned, Ossabaw is a rare breed of pig, therefore, their meat production is not as widely popular as other kinds of pork.

So only buy Ossabaw from a reliable store when you know exactly the origin of their products.

It is best to prepare yourself with some knowledge about Ossabaw pork so that no one can trick you when shopping for this kind of feral pork.

2. Buy Ossabaw pork that has an adequate amount of meat and fat, with a reddish color and oily texture

A fresh cut of Ossabaw pork should have a dark red color that can make you think it is beef or some kind of red meat at first glance.

Since Ossabaw pork contains more beneficial fats, when you give it a touch, your fingers are likely to be a little sticky because of the natural oil on the surface.

If you want to create an outstanding dish from Ossabaw pork, it would be best to purchase a cut that has both muscle and fat.

This will result in a more tender texture with a juicier and more flavorful taste.

Where to buy Ossabaw pork?

Ossabaw hogs are a heritage breed, therefore, there are not many of them left on the planet.

That’s why people are trying to breed with others so that it will not become endangered.

It is not easy to buy Ossabaw pork on the market, but there are still some places where you can find this kind of rare pork sold: 

1. Farmers’ markets

There are some farmers’ markets, especially those from Ossabaw Island that raise Ossabaw pigs and sell their meat products.

You can do some research and contact them ahead to check if they have any so that you will not waste your time and effort reaching the markets and coming home without any cut of Ossabaw pork on hand.

2. Specialty grocery stores

Unfortunately, Ossabaw pork is not readily available in mainstream places like supermarkets.

So besides farmers’ markets, you probably find it in some specialty grocery stores throughout the country.

They are likely to be sold around their origin place, Ossabaw Island, Georgia, so you can look for them in some stores inside and around this region.


Buying Ossabaw pork is an easy task like many people thought.

If you’re looking for this high-quality, pasture-raised meat, then your best bet is to buy it directly from a farmers’ market or at an event that has been specifically created for this type of product.

Luckily, there are some events in Atlanta where you can purchase Ossabaw pork while learning about its history and enjoying other delicious foods too.

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