The Ultimate Battle Of Fried Chicken Thighs Vs Breasts: Which Is Better?

fried chicken vs burger

Burgers and fried chicken are two American staples, and both have their own allure to people of all ages.

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You must have been thinking about what to choose for your next meal when you crave comfort food and don’t want to cook something too complicated.

Let’s figure out how a burger differs from fried chicken and choose your favorite one after reading this article.

What is a burger?

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A burger is a dish consisting of a beef patty (or can be made from any kind of meat) that is either fried or grilled and served on a split bun with other ingredients like lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and some kind of sauce.

A burger can be called a hamburger, despite the fact that there is no ham in the recipe.

Many people thought burgers were created in America, in fact, their origin was in Hamburg, Germany, hence the name.

The meat filling in a burger can be made from beef, chicken, or pork, which is ground, seasoned, and formed into a patty shape, then grilled, broiled, or fried.

You can serve a burger with ketchup, mustard, cheese sauce, or any side dish like egg salad, French fries, and mashed potatoes.

Burgers can be bought from any fast-food restaurant in the world, or made at home from easy-to-find ingredients as well.

What is fried chicken?

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Fried chicken is a crunchy dish that originated in Southern America.

Over time, it has become one of the most popular dishes throughout the country and the whole world, as a quick, hearty, and affordable dish.

Chicken breast is usually cut into small pieces (usually boneless and skinless), coated in a seasoned batter that is made from all-purpose flour or cornmeal with water, salt, pepper, and other spices to taste, then dipped in beaten eggs, followed by breadcrumbs for a crispier crust.

After all, the chicken is deep-fried in hot oil, or air-fried in an air-fryer to cut down the fat intake.

Fried chicken can also be a whole chicken drumstick or chicken wing that is prepared the same way.

However, with these dark meat chicken cuts with skin on, your dish might end up more flavorful, but more harmful because of the higher level of fat and cholesterol.

Fried chicken is usually served hot with other side dishes like salads, rice, soft drinks, or French fries, depending on personal preference or traditional cuisine.

What are the differences between burgers vs fried chicken?

Burgers and fried chicken actually differ in many ways.

The comparison table below will give you a closer look at the different features between these two comfort foods: 

 BurgerFried chicken
OriginHamburg, GermanySouth America
IngredientsA split bun (two halves), a meat patty (traditionally beef, but can be chicken, pork, veal, turkey, or any kind of meat, even fish), fried egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, ketchup, mayoAny cut of chicken (usually boneless and skinless), flour (cornmeal, all-purpose flour), salt, pepper, other spices per preference like thyme, sage, paprika, water, beaten eggs, breadcrumbs
Cooking methodOnly the meat patty is grilled and other ingredients are served rawDeep-fried in hot oil/ Air-fried
TasteMeaty, greasy, juicy, and satisfying  Salty, can be spicy depending on the seasonings used in the batter
TextureSofter with a slight crunch from raw veggiesCrispy outside and juicy inside
VarietiesMore diverse with different options for the fillings (vegetables, different kinds of meat, with or without eggs/ cheese)The main ingredient is chicken (can vary depending on the cut of chicken) The spices used to season the batter can vary too, but not too many options

What are the similarities between burgers vs fried chicken?

There are also some likenesses between burgers and fried chicken.

The following similarities are what you can find in these two dishes:

1. Burgers and fried chicken are two staples in any fast-food restaurant

When it comes to fast food, what comes to our mind is a mouth-watering juicy hamburger or a plate of fried chicken with a dipping sauce on the side.

Burgers and fried chickens are two classics and most consumed dishes that can be found in any fast-food restaurant all over the world.

Therefore, no matter where you live, especially in an urban area, you can easily order a burger or fried chicken from a fast-food outlet from any of your favorite brands like KFC, McDonald’s, or Burger King.

2. Burgers and fried chicken are not long-term healthy options

Another thing in common is burgers and fried chicken are both not healthy at all.

They are packed with a high amount of fat and sodium, which will pose a risk to our heart health.

Therefore, once eating these comfort foods, you should accompany them with green or fruity salads, and only have them on your diet occasionally.

Which one is better?

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you have had a better understanding of burgers and fried chicken.

In general, a burger is enough for a hearty meal with food from different groups (buns for carbs, meat for proteins, and veggies for minerals and vitamins), but fried chicken is delicious in its own way.

So choosing which type of dish for your next meal will actually depend on your favorite.

Which dish do you prefer?

A beef burger or fried chicken?