7 Best Side Dishes To Accompany Chicken Tamales

chicken tamales side dish

There is nothing quite like the taste of a warm, comforting chicken tamale on a cold day.

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But what to serve with it?

These seven recipes below are perfect accompaniments to your chicken tamales!

Keep reading to diversify your diet.

What are chicken tamales?

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Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made from corn dough (masa) and pork, chicken, beef, or cheese filling.

They are wrapped in corn husks and steamed until cooked.

Chicken tamales refer to the type of tamale with the chicken filling.

Chicken tamales are a favorite Mexican dish, and they can be either homemade or store-bought.

The filling can be made from ground chicken breast or chicken thighs mixed with spices like canola oil, garlic powder, pepper, chili powder, or olives per personal preference.

Normally, you will need to remove the outer husk before consuming any type of tamale.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with chicken tamales?

There are actually many options when it comes to a chicken tamale’s side dish.

However, not all will work the same way.

So how to know if you have chosen the right one to accompany your chicken tamales?

Here are some tips from us:

A Mexican side dish will be the perfect way to go

Tamales are a staple in Mexican cuisine, so it is perfect to pair this dish with another Mexican side.

Mexican cuisine is very diverse so it offers you plenty of options to choose from.

The blend of flavors from these Mexican dishes will make your meal so palatable and enjoyable.

Consider between a filling side or a light companion to serve with chicken tamales

You should also determine if you want a filling side dish or a light one to serve with your chicken tamales.

A filling side is often made from grains or legumes, while a light one would be a good salad or fried things.

It depends on your preference or the time of the day to opt for a filling or a light side dish to accompany chicken tamales.

7 best side dishes to serve with chicken tamales

Below is the list of the seven side dish ideas that you can serve with chicken tamales:

1.     Mexican rice

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The first thing we would like to introduce to you to try with chicken tamales is Mexican rice.

Mexican rice, also known as Spanish rice, is a colorful and flavorful version of regular steamed white long grain rice.

Tomato sauce, broth, and spices are added to achieve this appealing look and flavorful taste.

It will also help fill your empty stomach without breaking the budget.

2.     Avocado salad

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Avocado is another staple in Mexican cuisine.

This fruit is typically used in many salad recipes in this country.

Avocado salad calls for a generous amount of avocado, along with other ingredients like sweet onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes to result in a flavorful, vibrant, and nutritious side dish.

3.     Black beans

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Another filling option that you can pair with your chicken tamales is black beans.

Black beans require a long time of cooking, but it is worth the wait.

This ingredient is packed with a rich source of vegan protein and many other essential nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

4.     Tortilla chips

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For those who want something crunchy and satisfying to enjoy with hearty and tender chicken tamales, tortilla chips are the way to go.

This is also a Mexican classic that you can make at home or buy from any grocery store throughout the country.

Tortilla chips can be served as a snack to enjoy at any time of the day, but they are also great on the side of a Mexican meat-based dish.

5.     Cornbread

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Corn is everywhere in Mexico, so it will be a miss if you don’t try cornbread with chicken tamales.

Cornbread is also a Southern thing, and it is very easy to make.

The pleasant sweet taste of corn and fluffy texture of the bread make this side dish a perfect choice to complement the savory taste of chicken tamales.

6.     Salsa

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You can also try salsa on the side of chicken tamales.

Salsa is one of the most famous Mexican sauces with a thick texture.

There are actually different varieties of salsa so you have more than one option to choose from.

Salsa can be used as a dipping sauce so that you can dip your chicken tamales into salsa to enjoy the deliciousness in every bite.

7.     Jicama Slaw

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Last but not least, jicama slaw is a good accompaniment to serve with your chicken tamales.

Jicama slaw is the combination of fresh jicama and cabbage with a tangy dressing from rice vinegar to achieve a crunchy and refreshing dish to offset the rich taste of tamales.

The bottom line

Hopefully, our post has helped enlighten you with the best side dishes to serve with chicken tamales.

From a filling side like rice or beans to comfort food and salad, there is something for everyone here.

So why not try out a new dish today on the side of your chicken tamales?