5 Best Side Dishes To Go With Chicken And Shrimp Kabobs

chicken shrimp kabobs side dish

Summertime is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious kabobs.

Why not have both chicken and shrimp on these skewers?

Chicken and shrimp kabobs are great to spice up your meal, and they can be paired with some simple yet delicious side dishes to elevate your grill party to a restaurant-like quality.

What are chicken and shrimp kabobs?

Chicken and shrimp kabobs refer to chunks of boneless skinless chicken (often chicken breast)and shrimp skewered on a wooden or metal stick and grilled, often served as part of a larger feast.

This dish is simple to make and requires little more than some basic seasoning and a quick stint on the grill, making them perfect for summer or winter cookouts.

Normally, meat and seafood are cooked separately, but having them in the same skewer is a good idea to have a more flavorful and nutritious dish.

The flavor of these kabobs can vary depending on the rub or sauce you use to marinate the ingredients.

What to consider when choosing a chicken and shrimp kabobs’ side dish?

You are about to serve up a delicious meal for your family and friends with chicken and shrimp kabobs, but do you know which side dish is the best to serve with these skewers?

With so many choices, it can be overwhelming for you to pick one.

Don’t worry, here are some tips that can help you choose a good side dish to serve with chicken and shrimp kabobs:

Chicken and shrimp kabobs are great to be paired with vegetables

You have enough protein and flavors from chicken and shrimp, so the best side dish is made from different kinds of vegetables.

Vegetables provide nutrients, textures, and flavors that help complement your savory dish and create a harmonious meal.

Opt for a simple side like a sauce to accompany your chicken and shrimp kabobs

If you don’t have time, a kind of sauce is enough to make your kabobs taste better.

Dip each bite of chicken and shrimp kabobs in the sauce for a more flavorful and satisfying taste.

There are many recipes for a good sauce, or you can even opt for the store-bought sauce to serve with your chicken and shrimp skewers.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken and shrimp kabobs

Here are the five side dishes that are great to serve with your chicken and shrimp kabobs:

1.     Coconut rice

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Coconut rice means that your simple steamed rice now has some added ingredients like coconut milk and coconut flakes.

This makes your rice more flavorful and richer.

The slightly sweet flavor of coconut is a perfect addition to your chicken and shrimp kabobs without breaking the bank.

2.     Green salad with balsamic vinegar

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Another way to go is a green salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing to serve with your chicken and shrimp kabobs.

Green salads are made with different kinds of veggies, such as lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, cabbage, or even fruits like avocado.

The balsamic vinegar provides your bowl of salad with a pleasant sour taste to offset the savory and smoky taste of the main course.

3.     Corn on the cob

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You can also serve your chicken and shrimp kabobs with corn on the cob.

This Mexican side dish can be cooked on the same grill with your meat and seafood skewers, which helps save a lot of time to have a hearty meal without any fuss.

Corn on the cob is made by grilling the whole corn that is coated with a layer of butter and spices, making it much more flavorful.

4.     Raita

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If you don’t have time to prepare a complex dish, then just go with raita to accompany your chicken and shrimp kabobs as a dipping sauce.

Raita is a traditional Italian sauce that is made from dahi (yogurt) with chopped cucumber and other veggies and herbs.

The refreshing taste of this white sauce can make your kabobs very enjoyable.

5.     Grilled vegetables

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The easiest way to have a nutritious and healthy side dish to serve alongside your chicken and shrimp kabobs is to grill vegetable skewers at the same time.

Bell pepper, okra, onion, eggplant, and corn are some of the most common types of vegetables for grilling.

The bottom line

It is perfect to have both meat and seafood in those little skewers at your next grill party.

These tasty kabobs are great for any occasion and the good news is that they work well with different side dishes, from a starchy and filling one like rice or corn, a vegetable side like grilled vegetables or salads to a simple raita sauce.

Which one is your favorite and will show up at your next outdoor party?

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