Where To Buy Heart Shaped Chicken Nuggets Near Me? A Place To Purchase In Case You Can’t Find It Locally!

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets are a cute and delicious snack that will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

If you have no idea about this food item, this article will be helpful.

You will not only have an in-depth of heart-shaped chicken nuggets but also know where to head to when you crave some or want to prepare a special gift from this food.

What are heart-shaped chicken nuggets?

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Chicken nuggets are actually ground white meat chicken that is breaded or battered and deep-fried or baked until it reaches a crispy and golden crust.

Chicken nuggets are usually shaped into bite-sized pieces, including the heart shape.

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets can be made from only deboned white meat like chicken breast or mixed with fat and dark meat.

Since this type of chicken nuggets are released, many people choose this kind of food as a special Valentine’s Day gift.

In general, they are just the same as conventional chicken nuggets, just different in shapes.

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets are sold pre-cooked so they only need to be reheated for a few minutes before serving.

How many calories are in heart-shaped chicken nuggets?

Applegate, Natural Chicken Nuggets Family Size, 16oz (Frozen)

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Chicken nuggets are relatively high in calories because they are coated with flour and the fat content is even increased because of the deep-frying method.

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets’ calories can also vary depending on the manufacturer because of their different recipes.

In general, one piece of chicken nugget will deliver 54 calories.

You probably cannot stop eating this tempting dish, so an average serving size will contain about six to eight pieces, which will actually provide us appropriately 350 to 450 calories.

Moreover, store-bought chicken nuggets are also high in sodium, making them not a healthy option in the long term.

How to choose the best heart-shaped chicken nuggets?

Choosing heart-shaped chicken nuggets is not a hassle, but if you put your attention on the selection process, you can purchase the best chicken nuggets that taste delicious and of high quality.

1.   Compare the nutritional information of different brands

If your family’s health is your priority, this is a crucial step to make sure you buy a good package of chicken nuggets.

Different brands have different recipes to make chicken nuggets, which result in different nutritional information.

Therefore, you should look at this information on the package and opt for low-sodium and gluten-free chicken nuggets.

2.   Avoid buying packages that are torn and expired

Applegate, Natural Chicken Nuggets Family Size, 16oz (Frozen)

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The condition of the package is also important to make sure the content inside is of high quality.

The package should not be damaged because even a small hole in the package can affect the quality of chicken nuggets when exposed to the air.

Also, inspect the expiration date to ensure the best taste and safety of the product.

3.   Consider size and flavor

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets also come in different sizes of packages and flavors.

You should determine how much you and your loved ones can eat to stick with the proper size.

Where to buy heart-shaped chicken nuggets?

Heart-shaped chicken nuggets have been more popular recently.

Now, you can easily buy some packages of this product on the market, especially around Valentine’s Day.

Check out the list of places below to know where you should go to buy heart-shaped chicken nuggets.

1.   Grocery store or supermarket

Different shapes of chicken nuggets will be sold in the meat section of any grocery store or supermarket.

They are usually kept frozen in the giant freezer of these stores.

If you cannot find the heart-shaped version, chances are they only sell it when Valentine’s Day is awaiting ahead.

Don’t hesitate to ask the salesman for the stock of heart-shaped chicken nuggets.

2.   Online

Applegate, Natural Chicken Nuggets Family Size, 16oz (Frozen)

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You can also order heart-shaped chicken nuggets from Amazon, eBay, or any other eCommerce website.

Remember to order a few days in advance and read the reviews from other customers before making an online purchase of this chicken product to make sure you will get the right and high-quality chicken nuggets in the cute heart shape.


Heart-shaped chicken nuggets are a fun and tasty snack that can be added as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner.

It seems like such a small thing but who doesn’t love some good-tasting snacks to enjoy with their loved one on a special day like that?

We highly recommend that you should head to a grocery store or supermarket to buy a package of heart-shaped chicken nuggets one day prior and store it in your fridge.

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