5 Side Dishes You Should Serve With Your Chicken Salad Croissants

chicken salad croissant side dish

Chicken salad croissants are a favorite of all ages.

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It is like having two dishes in two little pieces of bread.

But have you ever wondered what side dish goes best with chicken salad croissant?

The answer can be found in this article.

Read on and pick your own favorite side dish to accompany your next chicken salad croissants.

What are chicken salad croissants?

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Chicken salad croissants are a kind of sandwich in which the bread is croissants instead of regular Pullman bread and the fillings often include shredded chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce, celery, onion, salt, and pepper.

Chicken salad croissants have a rich and buttery taste from the mayonnaise sauce and pastry, but still refreshing and light due to a lot of vegetables used in the recipe.

This dish can be served as a quick but hearty breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner.

What to consider when choosing a chicken salad croissants’ side dish?

If you are looking for a side dish that will complement your chicken salad croissants, then you may want to consider the following criteria:

There is no need to pair chicken salad croissants with other heavy starchy side dishes Chicken salad croissants are made with different components.

This means by eating this dish, you can have protein from chicken, a lot of vitamins and minerals from vegetables, and carbs from croissants.

Chicken salad croissants are enough for a filling meal and satisfy your hunger, so when choosing a side dish to serve alongside your sandwiches, there is no need for a starchy dish like rice, noodles, or bread.

Otherwise, your stomach might feel a little overwhelmed.

Serve chicken salad croissants with a soup if you find it a bit dry

There is no liquid or juice in the chicken salad croissants, therefore, if you find it a bit dry, choose a liquid-based side dish to accompany your chicken salad croissants.

Soups, stews, or gravies might be a good option in this case.

5 best side dishes to serve with chicken salad croissants

Chicken salad croissants can be perfect on their own, but if you are looking for a good side dish to serve with your sandwiches, here are our suggestions:

1.     Macaroni salad

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Macaroni salad is a good side dish that is easy to make and has a rich taste.

This dish can be flavored with any spices per your preference.

Use elbow macaroni noodles and make sure you drain all of the water from your noodles before adding other ingredients to your macaroni salad.

It can help fill your empty stomach if chicken salad croissants are still not enough to satisfy your hunger.

2.     Sauteed greens

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You can also serve your chicken salad croissants with sauteed greens like green beans, broccoli, or any kind of vegetables you like.

Sauteed greens are great to add vitamins and texture to your meal.

This dish is not as flavorful as other savory dishes, it is often light in flavor, but the natural sweetness and crunchiness of vegetables will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

3.     Pickles

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For those who want a sour taste in their meals, serving pickles with chicken salad croissants is also a good option.

Pickles often have a crunchy texture and sour taste that will offset the rich flavor of chicken salad croissants.

They are often made from cucumber, radish, or onion.

4.     Cheese and crackers

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Cheese and crackers are classic snacks that everyone loves.

This perfect couple is also great to act as a side dish to your chicken salad croissants.

The crispy texture and savory taste of cheese and crackers are perfect to complement the chicken sandwiches.

However, the flavor can vary greatly depending on what kind of cheese you use. 

5.      Soup

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As already mentioned, a good soup can be ideal to serve alongside chicken salad croissants.

There are countless recipes for a soup, from meat-based, seafood-based, or vegan-based soup.

It is best to serve your chicken salad croissants with a hot bowl of soup so that you can have a more nutritious and healthy meal.

The bottom line

Who doesn’t love chicken salad croissants, right?

There are also many side dishes that go well with chicken salad croissants and make the main dish more special.

Hopefully, you can find at least one perfect complement among our five suggestions above to pair with your chicken salad croissants.

Good luck!