Chicken Breast Vs Fillet: What’s The Difference?

chicken breast vs fillet

The chicken fillet vs breast debate has been around since the invention of the first frozen dinner.

Which one is better? Is one more expensive than the other? These are all questions that may be on your mind when trying to decide which type of meat is best for your family’s meal plan.

This article will explore these topics in depth and provide you with valuable information so that you can make an informed decision about what type of meat would work best for your needs.

What is special about chicken fillet?

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Chicken fillet is a type of meat that is made from a boneless, skinless breast of chicken.

It has been flattened and shaped to resemble a cutlet or steak.

Chicken fillets are generally leaner than other cuts of chicken and contain less fat, making them healthier for you.

They are often served in place of beef as an alternative source of protein for those who have allergies or dietary restrictions.

Unlike the whole breasts, they can be quickly grilled on the stove top with little need for preparation beforehand.

What is special about chicken breast?

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The chicken breast is a cut of meat from the upper part of the bird.

The breast can be cooked in many ways and used for dishes such as chicken Parmesan, or it can be left whole to serve as an entrée.

One thing that makes chicken breasts special is how versatile they are!

Chicken breasts are an excellent source of protein, and many people do not know this! It is also a great source for selenium.

Selenium protects cells from damage that might lead to cancer.

Eating one serving of chicken per day can help you meet your daily nutritional needs.

What are the differences between chicken fillet vs breast?

The differences between chicken fillet and breast are many.

In this post we will compare these two different options to help you decide which one is right for your dish!

 Chicken filletChicken breast
Texture & Fat contentFillet contains more fat because it has skin on one side and a layer of subcutaneous fat between muscle and skinBreasts are more tender than fillets because they have less connective tissue (and therefore fewer tough fibers)
Cooking methodFillets can be grilled, pan seared, baked, broiled, braised, or fried– A chicken breast can be cooked in many different ways, such as frying or grilling – Breast may be cooked whole or in pieces – with bone-in or boneless options available  
Cooking timeFillets need 5 – 10 minutes on each side (130 – 160 degrees F)While 8 minutes should suffice for a breast at 160 degrees F
PriceFillets are more expensive per pound than breasts because they’re usually made from whole chickensChicken breasts are usually cheaper to buy because they’re less popular than chicken fillets

What are the similarities between chicken fillet vs breast?

1. Both items can be used for sandwiches, salads, and other dishes

Chicken fillets and breasts are both commonly used in many dishes.

They can be served as a sandwich filling, salad topping or even prepared with elaborate sauces for an elegant dinner party dish.

2. Both types are high in protein but a breast may contain more fat than a fillet 

Another similarity is that they both have high protein content, but because of the higher fat content in breasts than in meatless pieces, you may find more calories and cholesterol from eating them as well.

3. Both types of meat come with bone-in and boneless options

Both chicken fillet and breast come with bone-in or boneless options, so consumers can pick the best option for them.

Which one is better?

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The chicken fillet is the better choice for people who want to experience a taste similar to that of white meat, but are looking for something with less fat.

On the other hand, if flavor is what’s most important to you then go with the breast – it will have more fat than a fillet or wing so it’ll give off some richer flavors and textures.

Regardless of what type of meat you decide to buy, make sure it is high quality and that your chicken fillets are skinless.

We hope this article has helped you understand the difference between a breast and a chicken fillet so that you can confidently purchase whichever one will work best for your needs!