5 Perfect Vegan Cream Of Chicken Soup Substitutes

vegan cream of chicken soup substitute

Are you tired of the same old recipes of cream of chicken soup that your family enjoys?

In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of vegan substitutes for the cream of chicken soup that is much healthier than the chicken-based thing.

If you want to go vegan or cut down some animal protein intake, let’s dig into our article now!

What is the cream of chicken soup?

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Cream of chicken soup is a kind of soup that is made from cream, butter, chicken broth, or spices like salt and pepper.

It has been around for a while with an unclear origin, but the cream of chicken soup is now popular all around the world, especially in Western and American cuisines.

Cream of chicken soup can be served alone as the main course at any meal of the day, otherwise, it can be used as an ingredient for other dishes like casseroles, enchiladas, or chowder.

It pairs well with other vegetable ingredients like onion, carrot, and celery stalk to enhance the flavor.

This creamy soup can be made from scratch at home or bought from most grocery stores or supermarkets, in tin cans.

Despite the satisfying mouthfeel and delicious taste, the cream of chicken soup is high in fat and calories.

The store-bought version is also packed with a certain amount of sodium that might pose some risks to your heart health if consumed too much.

Can you substitute cream of chicken soup with a vegan replacement in cooking recipes?

Yes, you totally can substitute cream of chicken soup with a meat-free replacement.

It is even a trend now when people are looking for a healthier lifestyle with vegan-based dishes.

To swap your classic cream of chicken soup with another ingredient or product, you should ensure the alternative has a similar sauce-like texture so that the resulting dish will still be creamy and yummy.

What vegan substitutes can you use in place of cream of chicken soup?

So what vegan substitutes will work in the recipe that calls for cream of chicken soup? Let’s check the following suggestions:

1. Greek yogurt

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Greek yogurt is the first option that comes to our mind for substituting for the cream of chicken soup.

It has a creamy consistency that can help your dish have the same texture as when using the cream of chicken soup.

Greek yogurt is also thicker and sourer than regular yogurt, which means it is lower in sugar and contains more protein.

Greek yogurt will be one of the healthiest choices to substitute for cream of chicken soup if you want to use it as a base for soup, casseroles, or enchiladas.

2. Sour cream

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You can also use sour cream as a vegan substitute for cream of chicken soup.

In general, sour cream has a similar texture and tangy flavor to Greek yogurt, but the ways these ingredients are made are different from each other.

Sour cream refers to cream that is soured by the presence of bacterial fermentation.

On the other hand, Greek yogurt is fermented milk that is strained after that to have a thicker texture.

Anyway, sour cream and Greek yogurt are both great substitutes for the cream of chicken soup.

3. Cream of mushroom

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If you like the umami taste of mushrooms, cream of mushroom will be an ideal option to substitute for cream of chicken soup.

It is made the same way as cream of chicken, but the chicken broth is replaced by mushroom broth with mushroom slices.

By alternating chicken with mushrooms, your dish is going to be lower in fat, and calories, and higher in vitamins and minerals that mushrooms are packed with.

4. Celery soup

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Another suggestion to replace the cream of chicken soup is celery soup.

It is mainly made with celery, which is simmered until tender and can easily create a puree.

You can use vegetable stock to add more flavor to this dish.

Celery soup has an eye-catching bright green color that is similar to an avocado smoothie, and it is completely vegan.

Celery soup is perfect for those who want to lose some weight.

5. Miso paste

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Miso paste is a staple in Japanese cuisine, therefore, you can easily buy this product in the Japanese section of any grocery store or supermarket in your country.

It is made from fermented soybeans, therefore, make sure you are not soy allergic before using miso paste as a substitute for cream of chicken soup.

Moreover, this option also provides a completely different taste from the cream of chicken soup.

The bottom line

With many vegan substitutes for the cream of chicken soup on the market, it is now very easy to substitute for your creamy favorite if you want your diet to be healthier.

We recommend trying all of them in turn and then you can figure out what vegan alternative for the cream of chicken soup you like the most.

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