7 Best Chicken Broth Substitute You Can Use

chicken broth substitute

In this post, we will be discussing the simple chicken broth substitute that you can use in your favorite recipes.

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It is not only easy to make but also has all the benefits of actual chicken broth without any of the added salt or preservatives.

What is chicken broth?

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When you are cooking a soup, stew, or another dish in the kitchen, it is important to have the right ingredients.

One of these ingredients is chicken broth.

What exactly is this ingredient?

Chicken broth can be made by boiling chicken bones with vegetables and seasonings for hours on end.

This liquid has many health benefits when consumed which make it an ideal food for mothers-to-be who are pregnant or breastfeeding their children because they provide essential minerals that are necessary for the healthy development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord.

However, if not prepared properly then there may be some bacteria present that could potentially cause illness in people who consume it so it’s important to know how to prepare this liquid safely before consuming it! 

Can you substitute chicken broth in the cooking recipe?

Many recipes call for chicken broth, but what if you don’t have any on hand? Can you substitute it with something else? The answer is yes! There are a few different options to choose from.

For instance, white wine or stock can be substituted in place of the chicken broth.

In addition, tomato sauce or orange juice can also be used as a replacement.

All three of these ingredients add great flavor and will taste delicious when cooked with your recipe! Cooking without chicken broth is not difficult at all.

What can you substitute for chicken broth?

If you’re looking for a way to make your dishes taste better without the added expense of buying chicken broth, here are some substitutions that can help!

1. Vegetable broth

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If you’re looking for a way to make your chicken soup broth less intense, substituting with vegetables will do the trick.

Vegetable broths have more vitamins and minerals than their animal-based counterparts which are great health benefits if consumed regularly!

2. Beef broth

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If you’re looking for a way to make your chicken soup more of an animal, try beef broth.

It has the same healing properties and can even act as a medicinal joint supplement!

3. Fish broth

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Fish broth is a great, healthy alternative for chicken.

Fish has lower fat and salt so it can be used in recipes that call out on the other type of liquid but also offers more minerals like phosphorus which helps restore calcium levels when you’re not getting enough through diet alone!

4. Ham stock

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Ham stock can be used in place of chicken broth.

It has more flavor and an earthier color that will add depth to your dish, perfect for soups or stews!

5. Shrimp stock

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Although chicken broth is a more popular option, shrimp stock can substitute for it.

It has certain health benefits and flavor profiles that the other kind does not have making your food taste better in general without added salt or spices!

6. Mushroom broth

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Mushroom broth can be used as an excellent substitute for chicken.

It has more nutrients and less fat than the average recipe on your mom’s list, so you might want to try it out!

7. Tomato sauce

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Tomato juice can substitute chicken broth in many recipes that call for liquid at room temperatures like soups or casseroles; it’s also healthier than relying on cream every time your mouth starts tingly with hunger!

We hope this post has been helpful for you! The next time your recipe calls for hot chicken broth, don’t hesitate to substitute it with one of these simple substitutes.

It will save you the cost and hassle of having to make a separate trip out to get something that isn’t on hand.