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10 Amazing Places to Buy Delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu – You Won’t Believe #4!

Chicken cordon bleu is a dish that will warm up your soul and soothe your appetite during the harsh winter.

If you are craving some pieces of chicken cordon bleu but don’t know where to buy it, read on to find out the answer in this article.

What is chicken cordon bleu?

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Chicken cordon bleu is a traditional French dish that consists of boneless, skinless chicken breast that is pounded flat and filled with ham and cheese.

The chicken is then dipped into the egg wash and coated with crumbs and pan-fried or baked to melt the cheese and create a crispy crust.

The name “chicken cordon bleu” refers to “blue ribbon” in French.

The blue ribbon was a prestigious order of French knights.

During the 1800s, it was given by Napoleon Bonaparte as part of his Imperial Guard for distinguished service to cookery and gastronomy.

Chicken cordon bleu is often served with a creamy white sauce or an orange-flavored béchamel sauce.

There are many variations of this dish that have been created over time, such as adding mushrooms or bacon for more flavor.

While people had to make this dish at home from scratch or order in a restaurant in the past, now there is store-bought chicken cordon bleu that is already stuffed and breaded so you only need to bake or fry it from the package.

How many calories are in chicken cordon bleu?

Chicken cordon bleu is pretty high in calories despite being made from the leanest part of the chicken, the breast cut.

The calories from chicken cordon bleu are from chicken, ham, and cheese.

For your information, one roll of chicken cordon bleu (about 337 grams) will provide us with 726 calories, and 56% (406 calories) are from fat.

The creamy sauce served with this dish is also high in calories and saturated fat.

However, if you only consume one to two slices of chicken cordon bleu with a little sauce, it is not really a big deal at all.

This dish is also a rich source of protein and other essential nutrients because of the diversity of the ingredients.

Chicken cordon bleu is high in vitamin A, B-vitamins, calcium, and iron.

And don’t forget to serve chicken cordon bleu with additional green ingredients like spinach or mushrooms to increase the mineral intake.

How to choose the best chicken cordon bleu?

Buying frozen chicken cordon bleu is an economical way to enjoy this mouth-watering dish.

It will not only save your money but also save your time on shopping and preparing the ingredients.

To make sure the store-bought chicken cordon bleu will taste as good as the homemade version, the following tips will help you choose the best chicken cordon bleu:

1. Buy chicken cordon bleu from a reputable store

Purchasing chicken cordon bleu from a reliable store will increase your chance to get a high-quality product.

A reputable store usually sells chicken cordon bleu from famous brands that are trusted by a majority of consumers.

If you visit a large store, they even give you more options for this frozen dish to choose from.

2. Buy chicken cordon bleu that is made from organic ingredients

Meat products that are made from antibiotic-free animals are always healthier and taste better.

However, it also means that they are more expensive.

If you can afford organic chicken cordon bleu, you can feel the difference in the taste and texture of the dish compared to the regular one.

3. Check the ingredient list to avoid a weird element that you are allergic to

As already mentioned, today, they have more variants of this dish.

Therefore, when shopping for chicken cordon bleu, you better read the ingredient list carefully to see if there is a weird ingredient that you or anyone in your family are allergic to or not.

4. Consider the size of the chicken cordon bleu roll and your family’s consumption

Chicken cordon bleu also comes in different sizes.

Therefore, you should determine how much your family can eat to buy a proper size of chicken cordon bleu.

If you want to opt for a large roll to get a better price, you should cut the serving size to cook and immediately store the left in the freezer to ensure its nutrients and flavors.

Where to buy chicken cordon bleu?

It might be hard to buy frozen chicken cordon bleu a decade ago, but nowadays, you can easily purchase chicken cordon bleu from many places throughout the country.

1. Grocery store or supermarket

One place to consider is a local grocery store or a supermarket.

Typically, they offer a variety of different brands of chicken cordon bleu, so shop around until you find something that seems right for your budget.

The prices vary depending on where you live, but if they don’t have what you want in stock, then try looking at some other stores nearby.

2. Online

For those who don’t have time to go shopping, it is best to look for this product online.

The good news is many stores, supermarkets, and Amazon all carry frozen chicken cordon bleu.

You can buy them in bulk to save the shipping fee if you live in a remote area, and properly store them for later use.


After reading this article, you should now be able to find a place that sells chicken cordon bleu near your location.

If for some reason the closest store is too far away, or they don’t sell it at all, you can easily order some via many websites like Amazon or Walmart.


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