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10 Delicious Burgers That Smell Just Like Pork – You Won’t Believe #4!

Are you ordering or cooking a classic succulent beef burger but it smells like pork?

It should give off a delicious beefy smell, and in case your burger comes with a porky smell instead, this article can help unravel the most common questions about this topic.

Let’s check it out!

Why does my burger smell like pork?

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Burgers smell like pork does not always happen.

But if you have encountered this situation, here are some reasons that can explain it:

Ground pork is added to reduce the cost of using ground beef

The traditional and classic patty for burgers is made from ground beef.


However, since beef is quite expensive, people tend to mix some ground pork to create a similar mixture at a lower cost.

Pork and beef are two types of red meat and they are not entirely different from each other.

Therefore, mixing them is a good way to save some money, but it should satisfy the eater anyway.

Especially, if you are ordering a truly beef burger that should be made 100% from beef, this can be considered a trick.

Cooked beef has come from contact with cooked pork

Raw meat is not likely to deliver a strong odor, but cooked meat is.

If you have placed your cooked ground beef next to a dish that calls for pork, chances are the flavor of the pork can affect your beef patty and make your burger smell like pork although having this meat ingredient in the recipe.

Faked beef

The worst case is that your burger is actually not made from real beef.

Faked beef is made from spoiled pork or beef that is coated with a flavorful chemical beef extract or flavor.

When cooked, the flavor of this chemical might evaporate and make your burger smell like pork rather than beef.

Is it safe to eat burgers that smell like pork?

As already mentioned, in most cases, if your beef burger smells like pork, it is not a big problem at all.

If the porky odor coming from your burger is because of the presence of ground pork in the mixture, it will be fine to enjoy this burger.

Otherwise, if you notice other weird signs on your burger besides just the porky smell, then you better discard it because it is not safe to eat, especially if you have sensitive digestion.

How to get rid of the pork smell from burgers?

If you want to get rid of the pork smell from your burger, here are some ways that can be useful for you:

Buy a burger from a reliable restaurant

You can buy a beef burger from a reliable restaurant for the most delicious experience.

Products from a reliable restaurant are often made from high-quality ingredients with a clear origin.

This can lower the chance of getting a beef burger with a smell of pork.

Buy high-quality ground beef from a reputable butcher shop to make the best burger from scratch

If you want to make your own burger, then you can buy ground beef from a reputable butcher shop.

It is best to have a good relationship with the butcher so that he/she can help you choose the best package of real and high-quality ground beef.

Always separate different ingredients/dishes of pork and beef so that their flavors won’t affect each other

Either raw or cooked pork and beef should be stored and placed separately.

Otherwise, chances are their flavors will affect each other and make your beef smell like pork and vice versa.

Although this isn’t a severe problem, your eating experience will definitely not be as good as expected.

The bottom line

If your beef burger smells more like pork than beef, there are some things that need to be taken a closer look.

In general, it is not a sign of spoilage, but they have mixed ground pork with ground beef instead to cut down the cost.

But always check for all the signs of spoilage if any to make sure that your burger not only smells good and tastes good but is also safe to eat.

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