Country Style Ribs Vs Baby Back Ribs: What’s The Difference?

This blog post is going to compare country-style pork ribs vs baby back ribs.

These types of meat can be used in a variety of dishes from appetizers or can be eaten as the main entrée.

Although they are both from a pig, there are numerous differences that help you identify each cut and choose your favorite one.

What are country-style pork ribs?

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Country-style pork ribs are a type of rib cut from the center portion of the spareribs that results in a long bone with meat on either side.

They’re much more tender than traditional short ribs because they contain less cartilage, and can be served as an appetizer or main dish.

What are baby back ribs?

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Baby back ribs come from the rib cage of a pig and are cut into individual portions so that each person receives their own share.

These meaty bones have a nice layer of fat on them to help keep them moist while cooking and add flavor when grilled or smoked.

They have less fat than spareribs because they’re not attached to any other muscles or connective tissue.

What are the differences between country-style pork ribs vs baby back ribs?

Country-style pork ribs and baby back ribs are two different cuts from a pig.

Therefore, they must have had a lot of differences, which you can find in the comparison table below for details:

 Country style pork ribBaby back rib
Meat cutFrom the shoulder of an older pigFrom the loin of a younger pig
SizeLarger and have more boneSmaller and have more meat that is closer to the bone
TextureMore fat, more connective tissue, juicerLeaner, less connective tissue
FlavorFattier, sweeterMore savory
PriceCheaper A whole slab (country-style) for around $8 per poundExpensive A rack of baby backs typ